Salvador Allende
Henry Kissinger dies at 100 with the blood of millions on his hands

The former US diplomat and notorious war criminal Henry Kissinger facilitated the killings of millions people in countries including Cambodia, Bangladesh, Chile, and Argentina.

Remembering Allende and his Project Cybersyn

During Salvador Allende’s brief term in power, a revolutionary project sought to use technology, specifically information from factories for real-time planning and interventions in the economy. What does this tell us about knowledge and the struggle over the infrastructure that produces it?

Allende lives

A series of activities have been organized over the past week in honor of the 50th anniversary of the coup d’état against then Chilean President Salvador Allende

Boric and former Chilean presidents sign commitment for democracy on 50th anniversary of coup

The leaders committed to always take care of and defend democracy, face the challenges of democracy, defend and promote human rights, and strengthen spaces for collaboration among states

Dilemmas of Humanity conference concludes in Santiago

Peoples Dispatch was on the ground to bring you everything you need to know about the Dilemmas of Humanity Conference in Santiago

“Imperialism has nothing to offer us, only threats:” Dilemmas of Humanity conference in Santiago

Over 230 representatives of social movements, trade unions, and left parties from 23 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are taking part in the Regional Dilemmas of Humanity Conference in Chile. The conference opened with a call for socialist solutions to the threats posed by neoliberalism and imperialism to the people of the region

50 years after the coup against Allende, movements and intellectuals converge in Chile to discuss building socialism in Latin America

The Latin America and Caribbean Dilemmas of Humanity conference will take place in the Chilean capital from September 2-4. The conference seeks to provoke debate and discussion about building socialism and finding solutions to address the major crises generated by capitalism

Chile: Ninguna constitución garantiza la transformación del país

Una conversación con Bárbara Navarrete, Secretaria General de las Juventudes Comunistas de Chile.

In Chile, having a good constitution doesn’t guarantee social change

Taroa Zúñiga Silva speaks to Bárbara Navarrete, secretary-general of the Communist Youth of Chile.

A cincuenta años del Golpe, el primer año de la Unidad Popular en Chile

Una conversación con Miguel Lawner, que recuerda la vida como antiguo preso político de la dictadura de Augusto Pinochet, al tiempo que proyecta en el actual gobierno progresista la esperanza de que el gobierno de Salvador Allende pudiera mejorar la vida de los chilenos.

50 years after Chile’s coup, the first year of Popular Unity

A conversation with Miguel Lawner, who remembers life as a former political prisoner of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship while projecting his hope that Salvador Allende’s government could improve the lives of Chileans onto the current progressive government

Will a progressive government in Chile open the door to Bolivian maritime access?

During the commemoration of the Battle of Calama, Bolivian President Luis Arce called on his Chilean counterpart Gabriel Boric to endorse the words of former Chilean president Salvador Allende to return Bolivia its sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean