Shuafat refugee camp
Israeli armed forces kill six Palestinians in night raids in Nablus

Snipers from the force occupied the rooftops of buildings surrounding the Nablus city center and fired at people. The UN has described 2022 as the deadliest year for Palestinians since 2006.

Palestinians killed in Israeli raids Israeli forces kill six Palestinians in early morning raids in occupied West Bank 

Repeated Israeli raids on Palestinian residential areas in the occupied territories have killed around 120 people already this year, making it the deadliest since 2006

Palestinians against administrative detention Palestinian detainees halt hunger strike, begin new phase of struggle

Detainees declared a boycott of Israeli courts as part of their ‘continuous’ struggle against administrative detention. They also expressed solidarity with Palestinians resisting Israeli violence in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank

Daily Round-up | Palestinians resist Israeli siege of refugee camp & other stories

In this episode, we bring you stories of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli siege of a refugee camp, Venezuela commemorating Indigenous resistance to colonialism, the latest from strikes by French workers, and UN’s criticism of Finland

Israeli siege of Shuafat refugee camp Palestinians protest continued Israeli siege of Shuafat refugee camp near occupied East Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation has left nearly 130,000 people stranded inside the camp as Israeli forces continue their search for a suspect in the killing of a soldier at a checkpoint last week. The siege as been condemned as an act of collective punishment