Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
Sevim Dağdelen: the double standards of the West are on full display at the ICJ

The German MP writes that the response of Germany to Nicaragua’s charges of aiding and abetting genocide in Gaza has been to downplay its role in supplying arms and question the premise that genocide is already taking place

Indian port workers refuse to handle military cargo bound for Israel

The Water Transport Workers Federation of India, which represents 3,500 workers in 11 ports, announced their refusal to aid Israel’s genocide and called for an immediate ceasefire.

Can there be peace in Yemen without addressing the climate crisis?

The climate catastrophe in 2022 affected over 510,000 people directly and intensified the humanitarian crisis, which led to a 93% increase in displacement.

Climate change Yemen Climate change is intensifying humanitarian crisis in war-affected Yemen

A fact sheet prepared by SIPRI and NUPI warns that the climate crisis in Yemen needs urgent international attention as competition over scarce water resources and fertile land may jeopardize the possibility of peace in the country

Daily Round-up | US govt approves Alaskan oil drilling project despite climate risks & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of the approval for a drilling project in Alaska, a court intervening in a health workers’ strike in South Africa, the latest SIPRI report on arms sales, and developments in peace talks in Colombia

US and NATO allies were responsible for nearly 65% of global arms exports in 2018-22

The US share in global arms exports increased from 33% to 40% in 2018-22, and its ally France, the third-largest exporter of weapons, was also a significant beneficiary, with its share increasing from roughly 7.1% to 11%

Daily Round-up | Al Jazeera takes Shireen Abu Akleh murder to ICC & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of Al Jazeera taking the murder of the Shireen Abu Akleh to the International Criminal Court, the release of Sri Lankan youth activists, the latest SIPRI report, and the sentencing of Argentina’s Vice-President

Global arms sales grow for 7th consecutive year, reach $592 billion in 2021

New data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute shows a 1.9% increase in sales by the world’s top 100 arms and military service companies. The US continues to dominate arms sales, accounting for over 50% of the global total in 2021