Sudanese Central Doctors’ Committee

After months of protests, the army intervened with al-Bashir believed to be under house arrest. However, organizations at the forefront of the protest said they would not accept any remnants of the old regime in a new dispensation

In an interview with Peoples Dispatch, Dr. Fathi Elfad, secretary of information bureau of the Sudanese Community Party, says that the uprising in the country will not be satisfied with the mere resignation of president Omar al-Bashir and seeks to end the entire regime

Ahmed El Kheir, who was arrested by the notorious National Intelligence and Security Service, was reported to have died on February 2. His body showed signs of torture. The news of the death led to renewed agitations against the government of Omar al-Bashir

The regime of Omar al-Bashir has on the one hand made noises about releasing some protesters. It is also trying to effect a compromise with rebels. However, all sections of the opposition are firm in their demand that the Sudanese president step down

There has been a relentless attack on protesters who have been on the streets of Sudan since December 19, demanding the resignation of president Omar al-Bashir. Last week, hospitals and schools were also attacked

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