The Lancet
Cancer research Over 1.5 million cancer deaths in women worldwide could be avoided through proper prevention, says report by The Lancet

A recent The Lancet Commission analyzed data on the intersection of gender, power, and cancer distribution, issuing warnings about the unequal burden of disease still shouldered by women

33 bacteria alone accounted for 7.7 million deaths in 2019, finds study

An analysis published in the Lancet found that infections caused by these 33 bacteria were the second highest cause of death in 2019 after coronary heart disease

Activists and scholars condemn closure of Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity in Australia

In a surprise move, Flinders University has decided to shut down the world-renowned Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity, a key institution for the research of social determinants of health

Trump WHO Who’s now not funding WHO?

The US is currently in arrears with its assessed contributions to the World Health Organization. The Trump administration stopped paying its dues to the WHO long before this pandemic reared its ugly head

Covid-19 in Sweden Swedish communists condemn bid to shift burden of COVID-19 on to workers

The mitigation strategy of the Swedish state to fight COVID-19 without going for a lockdown has received widespread criticism. The government has also announced sops for corporates