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Brazilian unions reject return to classes without safe conditions

Brazilian educational and healthcare workers took to the streets on July 29 to denounce the decision by the state government to return to in-person classes while the pandemic rages on

Pricol Workers on strike in August Wave of punitive actions on autoworkers in southern India

Transfer orders and summary dismissals have become the standard response by companies to the workers organizing in India’s automobiles manufacturing hub at Tamil Nadu

Midday meal workers in India win pay rise after 39-day strike

The workers who are currently paid around USD 17.85 won a USD 3.5 hike two days after their withdrew their 39-day strike. The workers cool meals for nearly 10 million school children in the State of Bihar

Iran workers strike Iranian steel workers’ strike enters 38th day, 10 more arrested

President Rouhani is considered to be a staunch supporter of privatization and anti-trade union policies.

“Trade unions play a vital role in the struggle towards health for all”

Liberian trade unionist and health activist, Poe, talks about the need for a holistic concept of access to health, beyond the present model of selective healthcare intervention decided by donor organizations

33 Zimbabwean trade unionists arrested ahead of nation-wide protests

The police assaulted many union members before arresting the president and general secretary of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.

Tunisian unions work to block docking of ship with ties to Israel

The Palestinian BDS National Committee termed the action against the Cornelius A, which was prevented from docking at the Rades port, a “first of its kind victory in the Arab world”.

Turkish court rules against crackdown on union’s right to strike

Successive governments have used a law introduced after the 1980 coup to suppress industrial action

‘Our path remains of struggle and mobilization’

Mexico’s militant teachers’ union, CNTE, sees both possibilities and challenges in Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s victory in the presidential elections

Hundreds protest in Swaziland demanding an end to corruption and anti-worker policies

Police attacked a workers’ demonstration with water cannon and tear gas canisters

Mexico’s teachers strike at the roots of neoliberal reform

CNTE, a radical teachers union, challenges the policies that have plunged millions of Mexicans into poverty

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