Transitional Military Council.

Civilian forces refused to comply with the demands of the military junta in the negotiations over transfer of power to civilian authorities

The RSF shot live ammunition at the protesters, injuring 14.  This the second attack on the protesters this week. On Monday, the RSF is believed to have killed four protesters and an army major.

The final agreement is likely to be signed on May 15. The accord comes two days after four protesters and an army major were killed when unidentified gunmen opened fire at a sit-in demonstration in Khartoum

Protesters are converging from across the country in thousands and heading to the army headquarters in Khartoum, determined to turn the weeks-long sit-in demonstration into a ‘million-man march’

Protest leaders have called for civil disobedience, while demonstrators vowed to stand firm against the threat made by the army general who heads the paramilitary group that houses fighter used to commit Darfur genocide

Sudan protests

The protesters won a major victory on Wednesday when three generals who were part of the Transitional Military Council resigned

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