United Nations General Assembly
US veto on Palestinian UN membership criticized as “irresponsible” and “disappointing”

The session held on May 1 was in response to the US veto on the April 18 vote over Palestine’s UN membership

El “Nakba” permanente de Israel: la tesis del No-Estado Palestino que cada vez se hace más real

Los funcionarios israelíes han sido claros sobre sus intenciones con su sangrienta guerra en Gaza: aniquilación y desplazamiento forzado de la población.

The no-state solution becomes more and more real as Israel’s permanent Nakba continues

Israeli officials have been clear about their intentions with their bloody war on Gaza: annihilation and forced displacement of the population

Death toll in Gaza from Israel’s genocidal war crosses 18,000

Egypt and Mauritania have invoked the United Nations Resolution 377 due to which the UNGA will be holding a special session on Tuesday to discuss the urgent need for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Bassam Al-Salhi of the Palestinian People’s Party says war on Gaza has revealed fascist nature of Israel and the West

Despite the brutal atrocities committed by Israel in the last two months of its war on Gaza, Western countries, especially the United States, have remained firm in their support

Cuban President exchanges with US revolutionaries on UNGA visit

Amid UN General Assembly week, Díaz-Canel addresses people in the United States fighting for an end to the US blockade against Cuba and for removing Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list

Cuban embassy terrorist attack Cuban embassy in Washington DC faces another terrorist attack, activists express solidarity

An individual threw two Molotov cocktails at Cuba’s embassy in the US capital late on Sunday, the second such violent attack on the building since 2020. Havana has denounced the impunity enjoyed by ‘anti-Cuban’ groups as the US government continues to ratchet up unilateral and illegal measures against the island nation

People’s movements in the US demand end to blockade against Cuba

Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel also joined the rally and chanted along with the people, “Cuba, yes! Blockade, no!”

Activists to rally in New York City to demand “Let Cuba Live!”

A rally will be held at Grand Central Station amid the UN General Assembly week to demand that the US take Cuba off of the State Sponsors of Terrorism list

Cuba returns to Harlem to honor Malcolm X

Ahead of his address at the UN General Assembly, Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel paid tribute to Malcolm X in Harlem. The ceremony marked 63 years since the historic meeting between Malcolm X and former Cuban president Fidel Castro.

A new and more just global contract is imperative, says Cuba’s Miguel Díaz-Canel at UN General Assembly

Speaking at the UN General Assembly session, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel stressed the need for “changes that can no longer be postponed in the midst of the unjust, irrational and abusive international economic order”

UN to observe Nakba Day in series of approved resolutions on Palestine

The UNGA approved five resolutions on ‘the questions of Palestine and the Middle East’ this week, including a decision to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nakba