United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)
Israel tortured Palestinian detainees, forced them to make false confessions about Hamas links: UNRWA report

An unpublished report by the UNRWA records the testimonies of Palestinian detainees from Gaza who claimed they were tortured by Israeli forces during their detention

As hunger deaths rise in Gaza, Israel continues to block aid

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, 20 people have died due to malnutrition and dehydration in Gaza. Meanwhile, Israeli forces continue to obstruct or block aid that is urgently needed by the people of the besieged territory

Australia assists Israel in deflecting genocide ruling by attacking UNRWA

Australia immediately undercut the power of the ICJ ruling by supporting Israel’s long-standing effort to destroy the UNRWA

Israel continues bombing and blockade of Gaza, in complete disregard of ICJ ruling

Over 350 Palestinians were killed in Israeli bombings and ground attacks, and close to 650 injured over the weekend. Meanwhile Israel and West targets UN aid agency over unsubstantiated claims

Western countries punish UNRWA for work in Gaza Strip

A set of Western countries, including the US and Germany, announced they would cease funding UN’s agency for Palestine refugees as famine looms over Gaza

Hundreds of thousands in Gaza at risk of starvation and disease

As the war enters its 109th day, the death toll in Gaza stands at nearly 25,500 Palestinians killed, along with close to 63,500 injured

South Africa takes Israel to ICJ for crime of genocide in Gaza

South Africa has urged the court to issue urgent interim measures including an immediate suspension of Israeli military aggression in and against Gaza.

Ceasefire “the only remaining hope” for Gazans, says UNRWA

Most international aid agencies have decried the non-implementation of last week’s watered-down UNSC resolution asking for increased humanitarian assistance to Gaza

71% of Gazans are suffering from extreme hunger

Israel uses hunger as a weapon to collectively punish Palestinians in Gaza, says Geneva-based human rights group

Israel continues to kill hundreds of Palestinian civilians in Gaza and West Bank

Israeli forces abducted the director and over 70 staff from Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza after causing death of two injured Palestinians by preventing timely treatment

WHO moves warehouse in Gaza as Israel’s attacks on healthcare continue

Israeli Occupying Forces sent an evacuation order to a WHO warehouse in southern Gaza, as public health situation in Palestine grows worse

Talks to extend Gaza truce continue; Israeli raid in Jenin kills two

Wednesday is the last day of the extended truce between Israel and Hamas. Both sides have expressed the intention to extend the truce if their conditions are met