US militarism
US war games in Pacific seek global participation in imperialist maneuvers

Hawaiian activists call on nations who condemn the genocide in Gaza to withdraw from Rim of the Pacific War Games organized by the US military and illegally hosted on Hawaiian land.

Activists to protest NATO Summit in Washington

NATO Summit to take place in US capital as the United States provides unconditional support for Israeli genocide

The Sahel seeks sovereignty

The last year has seen tremendous transformations in the Sahel region with popularly-backed military coups calling for an end to French colonialism as well as progressive electoral victories

Historic march demands an end to Canada’s complicity in Israel’s crimes in Palestine

100,000 people marched in the Canadian capital on November 25 to demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and an end to the complicity of the Canadian government in Israel’s ongoing violence and colonization of Palestine.

“War is violence against women” say feminist groups in the Philippines

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, feminist groups in the Philippines rallied against war and US militarism

Houthi-led Yemeni Armed Forces announce strikes against Israel

The forces stated that the decision was made in affirmation of the stand taken by the Yemeni people in support of the Palestinian cause

Hundreds reported dead after Israel wipes out entire neighborhood in Gaza

Jabayla refugee camp’s most populated neighborhood is razed using six US-made bombs, each weighing one ton

Okinawa: ¿Un bastión para la paz?

Si Okinawa es un portaaviones insumergible para que Estados Unidos haga la guerra, también puede convertirse en un bastión para que los movimientos logren la paz.

Okinawa: A bastion for peace?

If Okinawa is an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the US to wage war, it can also become a bastion for movements to wage peace.

US-based Korean activists call for peace after 70 years of war

Activists call for a true end to the 70-year-long Korean War and the lifting of the travel ban on North Korea

Cuba condemns ongoing US occupation of Guantanamo Bay

Since 1898, the US has controlled the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, an “illegally occupied” “usurped territory” according to Cubans

Fighting remilitarization in Japan

Japanese peace activist Seishi Hinada talks about the policy of militarization pursued by the Fumio Kishida government and the campaign against US bases in Okinawa