US rail workers
Daily Round-up | Israel to deport Palestinian-French rights activist Salah Hammouri & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of the planned deportation of Palestinian activist Salah Hammouri, the bid to suppress strike by US rail workers, another impeachment motion against Pedro Castillo, and a complaint on the European refugee crisis

The US Senate just voted to force rail workers to work without sick days

The Senate struck down a measure that would have provided rail workers with seven sick days, already a step down from the 15 sick days they were demanding

Joe Biden and the Democrats are siding with railway giants against workers

Eugene Puryear of BreakThrough News explains the issues faced by rail workers in the US who are on the verge of taking industrial action even as companies and the government seek to stop them

US House of Representatives passes bill to block strike by rail workers

After members of major rail workers’ unions rejected a deal with their employers, Congress at the urging of the Biden administration has stepped in to try and stop a strike

Daily Round-up | Turkish president threatens Syria, Iraq with ground invasions & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of Turkish President Erdogan’s latest statements, US rail workers rejecting a contract offer, peace talks between the Colombian government and ELN, and protests seeking the release of the Kononovich brothers

Daily Round-up | Filipino lawmakers demand probe on Marcos-era whitewashing and more stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of a bid to whitewash the Marcos dictatorship, the legalization of same-sex marriages in a Mexican state, US rail workers rejecting a deal, and a report on the number of migrant deaths in Europe

US rail workers’ union rejects deal, renewing corporate fear of a nationwide strike

Rail workers voted to reject a new agreement between union and employer which they allege does not change the poor working conditions, especially lack of sick days and exhausting schedules