Working class

Taimur Rahman_Laal Band_Pakistan_Peoples Dispatch

Laal had been in forefront of taking revolutionary music to masses in Pakistan.

Analyzing Nepal’s journey towards socialism

He also talks about the threats posed by imperialist powers which seek to disrupt Nepal’s progress towards socialism.

International Workers’ Day honors the struggles and sacrifices of the generations of workers whose actions made the world better.

Shop & Stop US

An agreement between the company and the unions broke the deadlock in negotiations that had been persisting since February after the former introduced cost-cutting measures.

Productive Workers Army Venezuela

Cira Pascual Marquina from talks about the Productive Workers’ Army and the Commune system in Venezuela.

Carlos Ron interview part 2

Carlos Ron, Venezuelan vice-minister for North America also explains the social character of the Venezuelan opposition that is currently attempting to overthrow the government of Nicolas Maduro.

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