Yahya Sare’e
US and UK carry out dozens of airstrikes in Yemen

The US and UK have intensified strikes against Ansarallah in Yemen after having targeted resistance groups in Iraq and Syria. This is despite the US stating that it wants to avoid a regional escalation of Israel’s war on Gaza

US and Israel face fresh attacks from Iraqi and Yemeni resistance over the war in Gaza

US bases in Iraq and Syria have been hit with over 150 attacks since October 7 in response to its military and political backing of Israel’s genocide in Gaza, prompting talks of their withdrawal

Iran deploys warship in Red Sea amidst rising tensions

The US attacked three Yemeni boats on Sunday, killing 10 Houthi fighters due to claims that they were attacking a ship heading to Israel

BP suspends all oil shipments through Red Sea in response to Houthi blockade

Oil and gas prices have surged following British Petroleum’s announcement of shipments pause due to “deteriorating security situation”