Anti-imperialists protest use of Norwegian weapons by Israel

Despite official restrictions on Norwegian arms export to Israel, weapons produced by the country’s firms are reaching Israel through other countries like the US

Nordic countries surrender their historic neutrality and sign military deals with the United States

In less than a month, the US has signed three separate defense agreements with countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, to ramp up the militarization in the Nordic region

Norway 2011 Attack
Norwegians pay tribute to victims of 2011 far-right terrorist attacks

On July 22, 2011, far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik detonated a car bomb in Oslo and opened fire at summer camp organized by the Workers Youth League in Utoya. A total of 77 people were killed in both the incidents

Norway-US agreement on bases
Progressives slam US-Norway additional agreement on military bases

The Supplementary Defense Cooperation Agreement (SDCA) allows the US military unhindered access to several Norwegian bases. It was recently approved by the Scandinavian country’s parliament

Oslo Protest Norway
Protest mount against Norwegian government’s plan to shut down Ullevål Hospital in Oslo

The Norwegian government has been pushing its plan to shut down the country’s largest emergency hospital located in the city, overriding the Oslo City Council’s opposition and disregarding appeals from the city’s residents

Norway Elections
Conservatives concede defeat as center, left forces advance in Norwegian parliamentary elections

The ruling conservative coalition in Norway led by Erna Solberg lost the parliamentary elections and coalition of the social democratic Labour Party, Centre Party, and the left-wing Socialist Left party is likely to form the new government

Norwegian organizations demand intervention in state-owned firm’s labor dispute in Chile

The workers of the ‘Los Lagos’ hydroelectric power project in Chile undertaken by the Norwegian energy producer, Statkraft, have been protesting the unilateral changes in shifts of working days and lack of COVID-19 safety measures

Activists in Norway protest proposed docking of nuclear submarines in Tromsø

The Norwegian government has signed strategic agreements with the US to open up and upgrade its air bases and ports to cater to US military exercises and maneuvers

Norway protests George Floyd
Protesters hit streets in Norway demanding justice for George Floyd

Protests have been organized by leftist youth and students groups such as the Kamkomiteen against racism and prejudice in the context of the killing of George Floyd by the police in the US

Norway Railways
Norwegian workers protest implementation of EU’s 4th railway regulations package

Unions said that the EU’s fourth railway regulations package would strip Norwegian officials of their regulatory authority, endanger the safety of passengers and promote competition and privatization

norway election
Left and progressive parties make significant gains in Norwegian local body elections

Even though the Labour Party and the Conservatives emerged as the leading parties, they lost 8.2% and 3.1% of their vote share when compared to the 2015 elections.

Perpetrator of racist attack on Norway mosque to be prosecuted under anti-terror laws

The shooter, with known pro-Nazi opinions on social media, is also accused of murdering his half-sister