In Portugal’s elections, conservatives take the lead even as far-right surges

The Socialist Party (PS) government, which had been in power in Portugal since 2015, was forced to resign in November when Prime Minister António Costa and some of his ministers got mired in a corruption scandal over lucrative lithium and green hydrogen projects

Raquel Varela on Portugal’s Carnation Revolution and the struggle for rights today

Raquel Varela speaks to Peoples Dispatch about Portugal’s Carnation Revolution and its legacy in the country’s politics today

Portugal heads for fresh elections after PM António Costa resigns

The Socialist Party (PS) government in Portugal, headed by António Costa, got mired in a corruption scandal over its handling of lucrative lithium and green hydrogen projects. The left has strongly criticized the government’s pro-corporate policy

47th Avante Fest concludes in Portugal with a call to advance the legacy of the April Revolution

The three-day festival witnessed more than 70 debates and discussions over social-political and economic issues. Numerous cultural, and sports events were also part of the annual fest organized by the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) and its youth

Portugal nurses strike
Nurses in Portugal push for better rights in both private and public sectors

Nurses in Portugal wage a battle for better rights and recognition, with recent strikes in both public and private sectors marking a potential surge in activism. The nurses have cited salaries that lag behind those in the public sector and longer work schedules compared to their counterparts in public hospitals

Nurses strike for safe staffing Portugal
Nurses in Portugal strike for adequate staffing on International Nurses’ Day

Two nurses’ trade unions in Portugal launched a one-day strike on International Nurses’ Day to fight for better staffing and working conditions. More protests are expected in the coming months with private sector nurses also likely to join in

3-04 Rally for Housing - Portugal 1jpg
Massive rallies across Portugal demand affordable and dignified housing

Housing rights groups and left-wing parties in Portugal have been calling on the government to institute rent caps and fund social housing. They have also opposed the housing program introduced by the government

28-02 Housing Reforms - Portugal 1
Housing rights groups slam Portuguese government’s inadequate housing reforms 

On February 16, the Portuguese government unveiled a new housing plan that includes suspending new licenses for Airbnbs in the country and ending golden visas for international buyers. However, housing rights groups and leftist parties have called out the government’s silence on important issues like social housing, rent freezes, a ban on evictions, speculation by the real estate lobby, and profiteering by rent sharks

28-02 Teachers' Protest - Portugal 1
School teachers in Portugal demand increase in wages and time-bound promotions

The Portuguese working class has been organizing protests titled Vida Justa (‘Fair Life’) to demand an increase in wages and pensions and better job security 

Portugal nurses strike
Shared systemic issues inspire solidarity between Portuguese and British nurses

A historic strike by nurses in the United Kingdom inspired solidarity among health workers in Portugal, who are fighting their own struggle for a better public health system

Nurses Strike - Portugal
Nurses in Portugal demand wages at par with employees in public administration 

The Portuguese Nurses’ Union (SEP) accused the Socialist Party (PS)-led government of discriminating against nurses by excluding them while revising salaries of civil servants

Civil Parishes - Portugal
Portuguese communists demand revival of civil parishes lost in local body aggregation

Following the reorganization of civil parishes, the third-level administrative subdivision in Portugal, as part of the structural adjustments to bail out the sovereign debt crisis in 2013, the number of parishes across the country was reduced from 4,259 to 3,091