International Women’s Day 2023: Struggle for dignity and equality for all

This International Working Women’s Day, we take a look at the mobilizations and struggles women are taking part in across the world in their fight for equality, democracy, and dignity.

No a la intervención militar. Sí a la insurrección haitiana

A lo largo de 2022 se ha desarrollado una insurrección popular en Haití. Estas protestas son la continuación

Daily Round-up | Widespread protests in Haiti against foreign interference & other stories

In this episode, we bring you stories of protests in Haiti, flooding in Nigeria, Australia reversing its position on the stance on Jerusalem, and a Brazilian court fining protesters

Daily Round-up | Palestinian factions reach reconciliation deal & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of a deal between Palestinian factions, China’s condemnation of the US ‘Cold War mentality,’ the latest Global Hunger Index Report, and the soaring bonuses of British bankers

Daily Round-up | Palestinians resist Israeli siege of refugee camp & other stories

In this episode, we bring you stories of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli siege of a refugee camp, Venezuela commemorating Indigenous resistance to colonialism, the latest from strikes by French workers, and UN’s criticism of Finland

Cambodia’s NagaWorld workers continue strike despite arrests and crackdown

Union organizers and striking workers at Cambodia’s largest casino and luxury resort have been arrested in recent crackdowns. The workers are demanding the reinstatement of those fired last year and negotiations on wages

Palestinian female prisoners prepare campaign to address abuse in Israeli prisons

In response to the isolation of two female prisoners and systematic abuse by prison authorities, prisoners are preparing a campaign of resistance

Israeli blockade of Gaza
Israeli allows entry of construction goods in Gaza, extends fishing limit to 15 nautical miles

Israeli authorities also announced granting an additional 5,000 Palestinian businessmen from Gaza entry permits into Israel, along with an increase in the water supplied to Gaza by five million cubic meters

Workers returning from crisis-hit Gulf economies need state support back home

The Gulf countries are already forcing a large number of migrant workers to go back to their home countries

Teachers’ unions mount countrywide campaign to roll back school opening in South Africa

The Educators Union of South Africa (EUSA) alleges that money meant for PPEs for students and teachers is being looted through corrupt tenders given at exaggerated prices by the department of basic education and that they are being sent back to schools in an unsafe manner

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US Senators from the Republican and Democrat parties pushed to quickly approve the bipartisan debt ceiling deal on Thursday night, June 1.