Agrarian crisis in India
RCEP: The meaning of India’s exit

What drove India to take this drastic step and what is the way forward in terms of addressing the crisis of Indian agriculture and manufacturing?

Water: A right or a commodity?

India is experiencing water scarcity as it has never encountered before and according to reports, the future is looking no better.

Women in agriculture: Challenges and way ahead

What are some of the challenges faced by women in agriculture in India? What are the possible ways out of the agrarian crisis, that is hurting women farmers and agricultural workers the hardest?

Battling corporate concentration in agriculture Battling corporate concentration in agriculture

A recent two-day symposium examined key issues in Indian agriculture today, including increasing corporate control over different aspects of the sector, land grabs and the use of different trade agreements to capture and rig markets in the global south.

Farmers call off ‘Long March’, after state government accepts demands

In a major victory for the farmers, the state government gave written assurance accepting all the fifteen demands put forward, including one to increase land parcels in forest zones

India’s farmers march again

Over 80,000 farmers are taking part in the second Kisan Long March that began on February 20. The march was launched after the State government failed to honor any of the promises it made following the first march in 2018

Farmers' protest in Punjab Farmers protest loan policy in Punjab

Farmers are protesting against the banks’ practice of demanding blank checks from farmers for disbursal of loans, which is often used to incarcerate them when a loan payment fails

Onion farmers in India stare at crisis amid fluctuating price cycles

Almost 220 lakh tons of onion crops have flooded the market, which is around 40 lakh tons more than the country’s consumption capacity. The government was too late in hiking export subsidies

Why Universal Basic Income is Fraught With Serious Problems

Income support should not lead to the state washing its hands of the poor after handing them a certain sum of money whose real value too would dwindle over time.

Farmers march delhi “I have seen too many succumb to suicides…it is now time to take on govt.”

The tens of thousands of Indian farmers who gathered at New Delhi on November 29-30 had decided that enough was enough and it was time to challenge the government for its failure to alleviate the agrarian crisis

Over 100,000 farmers to march to India’s parliament on November 29-30

The farmers will demand a special session of parliament to discuss the agrarian crisis, and the National Commission on Farmers’ 2006 report. The report had recommended crop acquisition by the state at a minimum support price (MSP) which is 50% above the full cost of production, among other steps

‘Where is my job’: nearly 10,000 Indian youth march, demanding employment

The youth were protesting the failure of prime minister Narendra Modi to keep his promise of providing 20 million jobs a year. India has in fact seen an absolute decline in the number of jobs