Protests break out across India against BJP government’s inaction in Manipur State

Protests have broken out across India against the failure of the BJP governments at the Center and the State of Manipur to provide justice to those affected by the horrific religious and ethnic violence

Manipur violence India “79 days too late”: Outrage across India as video of sexual assault exposes violence in Manipur

The northeastern State of Manipur in India has seen horrific ethnic and religious violence for nearly three months. The opposition alleges that the central and the Manipur State government led by the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have failed to uphold law and order in the State by deliberate inaction  

Women wrestlers’ protest in India: The latest crackdown on democracy

On May 28, India’s new parliament building was inaugurated. On the same day, the country’s wrestlers, who have been on a sit-in protest seeking the arrest of their federation head on charges of sexual harassment, were brutally repressed and evicted from their protest site

Exigir justicia de género a un gobierno impregnado de patriarcado: la historia de las mejores luchadoras de la India

En un significativo acto de resistencia, las mejores luchadoras de la India han roto el silencio sobre las conductas sexuales inapropiadas contra las deportistas indias y la cultura de impunidad en el deporte indio.

Challenges for India’s women’s movement today

We bring you a ground report from the recent national conference of the All India Democratic Women’s Association which discussed the path ahead for the women’s movement in the country

Daily Round-up | Women activists’ conference begins in India & other stories

In this episode, we bring you stories of the conference of women activists in India, protests in Pakistan against armed violence, and concerns in Sweden over the new espionage law

Women farmers hold ‘parliament’ in India

The Women Farmers’ Parliament marked eight months of protests against the Center’s controversial farm laws. It was organized in parallel to the monsoon session of India’s parliament

COVID-19 laid bare the struggles and exploitation that domestic workers face

While domestic workers number in the tens of millions—constituting a major proportion of India’s workforce—their labor is not formally recognized, and they lack essential rights and guarantees.

Indians demand justice for gang rape victim

Protests have erupted across India after the victim of a brutal gang rape died on September 29, two week after she was assaulted on September 14.

Indian people’s organizations stand up to Modi govt.

Under the banner of Hum Agar Uthe Nahi Toh (If We Do Not Rise), over 400 Indian women’s groups and human rights organizations are coming together for a joint campaign.

‘Centuries of women’s struggles threatened in Modi regime in India’

The 12th National Conference of the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) took place in Mumbai from 27-30 December, 2019.