Alena Douhan
Syria earthquake relief After the earthquake, Syria faces new health concerns

The earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey on February 6 added to the stress shouldered by health workers and services in Syria, already weakened by sanctions and conflict

Cuba, Venezuela y China envían ayuda a Siria, afectada por un terremoto. EE.UU. ni siquiera puede retirar las sanciones

El Tesoro de EE.UU. ha emitido una exención de 180 días sobre ciertas sanciones impuestas a Siria para permitir la ayuda humanitaria tras el terremoto. Sin embargo, Estados Unidos y sus aliados aún no han ofrecido nada significativo a Siria, a pesar de que Venezuela, China, Palestina y otros países han enviado donaciones y especialistas.

Syria earthquake Cuba, Venezuela and China are rushing aid to earthquake-hit Syria. US can’t even fully withdraw sanctions

The US Treasury has issued a 180-day waiver on certain sanctions imposed on Syria to allow for earthquake relief. However, the US and its allies have yet to offer meaningful assistance to Syria even as Venezuela, China, Palestine, and others have dispatched aid and specialists

Syria condemns US attacks on health sector

Syria claims that economic recovery and improvements to public service delivery have been hindered by unilateral sanctions and military occupation imposed by the US and its allies

Venezuelan government and opposition sign deal after talks in Mexico

The Venezuelan government had withdrawn from negotiations in October 2021 after a round of talks in August, following the illegal detention and extradition of Alex Saab.

Daily Round-up | UN expert demands lifting of Syria sanctions & other stories

In today’s episode, we take a look at a report on the impact of sanctions on Syria, news of Alaa Abdel Fattah’s health, a protest in Madrid over healthcare, and developments in Venezuela-Iran cooperation

UN on sanctions against Syria UN special rapporteur demands end of all unilateral sanctions imposed by US and allies on Syria

UN special rapporteur Alena Douhan claimed that the unilateral sanctions have hampered the supply of adequate food, basic medicines and medical equipment, and spare parts for power plants, among other things, depriving millions of Syrians of their basic human rights 

UN Special Rapporteur calls for the end of all unilateral sanctions against Iran

Alena Douhan also expressed the need to create a legal framework to prevent countries such as the US taking unilateral action against others

US sanctions on Iran US imposes fresh sanctions on companies involved in oil trade with Iran  

After a recent visit to Iran, UN special rapporteur for human rights Alena Douhan claimed that US sanctions have gravely affected the lives of common Iranians and were even responsible for a significant number of deaths in the country

Will health be used as a way to pressure Global South on Ukraine war?

The government of Lithuania reversed its decision to donate almost half a million Covid-19 vaccine doses to Bangladesh after the latter abstained during the UN resolution on the war in Ukraine. This sets an alarming precedent

Venezuelan women endure the “sanctions” with their bodies

Carmen Navas Reyes and Laura Franco respond to the article published in the New York Times which attempts to speak about the problems facing Venezuelan women without mentioning the economic and financial blockade imposed on the country

The illegal blockade of Venezuela and the Anti-Blockade Law

Despite an unrelenting, suffocating blockade on Venezuela, the country has continued to promote social policies to safeguard the population