NGO Forum Durban 20 years of Durban Declaration: Commemorating a signpost of global solidarity

A global rally was organized on September 25 by the Global South Response network to commemorate the NGO Forum Durban Declaration of 2001, which had brought together movements and struggles against racism and multiple forms of discrimination

Mandela released from jail_ Mandela released from jail

He was released after spending 27 years in jail for his role in anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

Industrial and Commercial Workers Union The forgotten story of South Africa’s radical trade union

The Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU) was a radical trade union formed on the docks of Cape Town in South Africa during the times of apartheid and segregation.

Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party gives a call to defeat capitalism, imperialism

The pre-launch conference of the party, held on December 14-15, was attended by 1,100 delegates from all nine provinces of the country. The party will contest in the 2019 parliamentary elections

Shack dwellers movement Housing the homeless while enduring brutal oppression: the story of shack-dwellers movement in S. Africa

In a recent interview given to the Tricontinental Institute, the movement’s founder, S’bu Zikode, explained the origin of the movement, its modus operandi and the enormous challenges its members and leadership are facing

Israeli forces Palestinian teenager killed as Israeli forces unleash violence in West Bank

A large number of Palestinians took to streets to protest against the IDF raids in West Bank.

Significant progress in preliminary investigation in war crimes case against Israel: ICC

In April, shortly after the beginning of the Great March of Return protests, Bensouda had issued a statement, expressing deep concerns over the brutal violence by Israeli forces.

Labour Party resolves to ban arms sales to Israel

The main opposition party in the UK called for an immediate end to the blockade in Gaza and an “independent international investigation into Israel’s use of force against Palestinian demonstrators.”

Tens of thousands of Arab and Jewish citizens march together against Israel’s apartheid

“We want equality, not to live in a society of masters and subjects”, reminded sociologist Prof Eva Illouz, who was a guest speaker at the ceremony.

Why Israel is now a full-fledged apartheid state

Through the adoption of the Nation-State law last week, Israel has officially dropped all pretense of being a state with equal opportunities for all

Israel’s ‘Jewish nation’ law raises fears of further oppression of Arabs

Arab members of the Knesset labelled it a racist law amounting to apartheid. Hebrew has been designated the sole official language of the state

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