NUMSA calls for boycott of PUTCO bus company over “inhumane” treatment of workers

Around 120 members of NUMSA employed by South African transporter PUTCO, who were suspended following an unprotected strike in 2022 over a wage dispute, have been subject to undignified conditions including a lack of access to decent toilets at the company’s depots.

ICJ begins hearing on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine

At the beginning of the week-long hearing Palestinians accused Israel of practicing apartheid and racial discrimination and demanded the end of the over five decade old occupation

Leftists in Slovenia hit the streets for Gaza

The Slovenian left has demanded that the government join South Africa’s case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel’s ongoing genocidal war on Palestinians

South Africans denounce ‘Apartheid Israel’, demand expulsion of Israeli ambassador

With the memory of South Africa’s struggle against apartheid still intact, people’s movements and the ruling bloc have reiterated solidarity with Palestine

People’s movements around the world will gather in Johannesburg to dream up a socialist future

South Africa prepares to host historic conference on dialogues towards socialism featuring 500 political leaders, intellectuals, and members of mass movements

Ruth_First The enduring significance of Ruth First’s life and words 

The International Union of Left Publishers has released a collection of five essays written by Ruth First, a leading communist, anti-apartheid activist, and journalist, who was assassinated by the white supremacist South African regime in 1982

Belgian city of Liege boycotts Israel Belgium city of Liege becomes latest European city to sever ties with Israel 

The resolution in the Liege city council, introduced by the left-wing Workers’ Party, calls for the suspension of ties with Israel until its apartheid regime puts an “end to the system of violations of the rights of the Palestinian people and fully respects the obligations imposed by international law and various United Nations resolutions”

“Plantation politics” to blame for Jackson, Mississippi water crisis

Jackson, Mississippi’s water system has had chronic issues for years now. A racist statewide government is largely to blame

Democracy or apartheid: You can’t have both

The idea that Israeli “democracy” can be protected by blocking the judicial overhaul is a myth. Any plans Israel had for democracy were destroyed when they began the Nakba in 1948.

Israeli attack in Al-Aqsa Israeli aggression continues for the third day at Al-Aqsa compound 

Israel has been carrying out attacks inside the Al-Aqsa mosque compound during Ramadan for the last couple of years. Also known as Haram al-Sharif, the mosque inside occupied East Jerusalem is considered the third holiest site in Islam 

Israeli bill advocating death sentence in ‘terror’ cases passes first reading in Knesset

The bill mandates the death penalty in cases where an Israeli citizen is killed in a ‘terrorist act’ by a Palestinian, but will not apply to an Israeli citizen committing the same crime against a Palestinian. Israel classifies resistance acts against its occupation as terrorism

AU summit removes Israeli diplomat Senior Israeli diplomat expelled from African Union’s annual summit 

Israel’s deputy director for Africa Sharon Bar Li was asked to leave the inaugural meeting of the African Union summit in Addis Ababa. South Africa later said that Israel’s status as observer had not yet been finalized and hence, the expulsion was justified