Attack on Gaza
NYC students walk out for Gaza

While US politicians continue to aid and support Israel, people across the United States have been demanding that their elected officials end all aid to Israel and call for an immediate ceasefire.

Despite warnings by UN and aid agencies, Israel pushes forward with brutal offensive on Rafah

Around 1.4 million people are stranded in Rafah where Israel has intensified its offensive. Aid agencies have warned of a disastrous death toll and the collapse of essential services

Israel rejects Hamas’ ceasefire proposal, Netanyahu declares “no other solution” but war

Hamas had proposed a 135-day agreement which would have seen the release of all hostages in exchange for the freedom of Palestinian prisoners and “complete and sustainable calm.” The proposal was a response to the “Framework Agreement” mediated by Egypt, Qatar, and the US in Paris last week.

Blinken’s window dressing tour of Arab capitals

Biden’s interest narrows down to prevent the war from spreading in the region lest direct American military intervention becomes necessary. The US rhetoric and diplomatic posturing largely aims at damage control in Washington’s relations with its erstwhile allies in the region.

Israel continues bombing Gaza despite UNSC call for humanitarian pauses

Israel has refused to abide by the binding UNSC resolution passed on Wednesday calling for humanitarian pauses to allow aid to reach Gaza

Indian trade unions stand with Palestine, reject “export deal” to replace Palestinian workers in Israel

India’s Central Trade Union Organizations, representing approximately 100 million workers, have strongly condemned reported talks between New Delhi and Israel that could see the “export” of up to 100,000 Indian workers to replace Palestinian workers

“The struggle of Palestine is our struggle:” South African workers resist Zionist colonialism and US imperialism

South Africa issued a formal reprimand to the Israeli ambassador on November 10, days after recalling its diplomats from Tel Aviv. With US lawmakers now threatening to downgrade trade ties with Pretoria, South African workers remain steadfast in their solidarity with the Palestinian people

How the war on Gaza has stalled the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor

Israel’s war on the Palestinians in Gaza has changed the entire equation and stalled the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor. It is now inconceivable for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to enter such a project with the Israelis

Organizations across the globe to coordinate planned disruptions as part of “Shut it down for Palestine”

As Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip escalates, Palestine solidarity organizations are collaborating to interrupt business as usual. A host of actions are being planned in the United States

Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza has killed 10,000 people

Over 26,000 people have been injured and around 1.5 million displaced out of a total population of 2.3 million since Israel started its war on Gaza on October 7. Israeli forces have also killed over 150 people in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem

German people’s movements march in solidarity with Palestine

As thousands took to the streets in Germany, people’s movements condemned the government’s crackdown on solidarity with Palestine. They also spoke out against the Olaf Scholz government’s complicity in Israel’s war on Gaza

As attacks on hospitals in Gaza intensify, health workers remain steadfast

Three major hospitals in northern Gaza face attacks by the Israeli occupying forces as generators stop functioning