Berta Vive
Remembering the Heroism of Activist Berta Cáceres Four Years After Her Assassination: an Interview With Her Daughter

COPINH has been engaged in a tireless struggle to end the impunity enjoyed by the elites in Honduras responsible for this crime and others

The continuing struggle for justice for Berta Cáceres

Berta Cáceres was assassinated nearly four years ago by hitmen in her home in La Esperanza, Honduras, despite overwhelming evidence linking the most powerful families in Honduras to the crime, justice has yet to be served

Organizations condemn bid to derail Berta Cáceres’ case

On September 25, the preliminary hearing was scheduled to begin against David Castillo, one of the people accused of planning the murder of Berta Cáceres

Honduras: 10 years of resistance against right-wing coup

10 years after the military coup d’état in Honduras, we take a look at the watershed moment which changed the history of Honduras and Latin America

The radical legacy of Berta Cáceres

Three years after the assassination of Berta Cáceres, the people of the world continue to demand justice and join her struggle against neoliberalism, colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism

Justice for Berta Cáceres!

Peoples Dispatch joined the call to stand in solidarity with the family of Berta Cáceres and COPINH, to demand justice and raise awareness about what has happened with the case

7 sentenced for the assassination of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres

After first round of convictions, victims continue their demand that the people and structures who financed the assassination be prosecuted and punished

Sentence expected today in Berta Cáceres case despite irregular proceedings

The victims have denounced nationally and internationally the irregularities committed by the courts and the Attorney General in Honduras throughout this trial and last month their legal representation was even excluded from the proceedings

Honduran court attempts to push forward in Berta Cáceres trial despite irregularities

COPINH and the victim’s legal team denounced that the appeals court has not resolved all of the petitions filed by the legal team, specifically the one requesting the disqualification of the judges hearing the case

Trial in Berta Cáceres case suspended after request to disqualify judges

The trial which was scheduled to start on September 17 has been postponed until the court resolves the petition presented by the family and COPINH’s legal team

Trial in Berta Cáceres case to begin this Monday amid irregularities

Members of COPINH denounced the fact that the Honduran state prosecution has actively worked to prevent the victim’s legal team access to the evidence in the trial.

Berta Cáceres case: COPINH denounces government obstruction in the path to justice

After a month of delays in the evidentiary hearings, the court denied the majority of the evidence presented by attorneys representing Cáceres’ family and COPINH

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