COVID-19 pandemic
Nepal’s community health workers advance in struggle for job security and recognition

Representatives of Nepal’s Female Community Health Volunteers joined trade union delegations at the annual ILO meeting to advocate for job security and recognition

Countdown to consensus: will the Pandemic Treaty deliver global health equity?

Negotiations surrounding the Pandemic Treaty continue as the deadline for endorsing the new mechanism approaches. However, the version under discussion fails to address critical issues pertaining to health equity

Pandemic Treaty continues to negate principles of equity and justice

Pandemic Treaty talks face hurdles as equity concerns, corporate dominance, and calls for fair health frameworks remain unaddressed

Community health workers in South Asia forge joint struggle for rights and recognition

Frontline health workers have issued a joint document calling on governments and international agencies to recognize and uphold their essential rights

Cuban president slams US for “genocidal act” of depriving Cubans of oxygen during the pandemic

Cuba was prohibited from accessing spare parts for their only oxygen plant as well as importing medical oxygen due to the blockade, as COVID-19 ran rampant

UPS Teamsters risked their lives during the pandemic. Now UPS is refusing to bargain a fair contract

UPS workers in New York describe the trauma they endured being on the frontlines in the epicenter of the epicenter during the COVID-19 pandemic

Oxfam report windfall corporate profits Big companies earned over USD 1 trillion of profit in 2022, says joint Oxfam and Action Aid study

The study recommends that governments impose a windfall tax on these excessive profits and use the money raised to carry out social security programs to tackle a range of issues including the cost of living crisis, poverty, hunger, and climate change

The largest hotel workers’ strike in modern US history could be around the corner

Hotel workers make Los Angeles rich. But they can no longer afford to live in the city where they work

May Day in Havana: International solidarity to resist the US blockade

The slogan of this year’s May Day in Cuba was “Hands and Hearts for the Homeland!” It reflects the urgent need for every Cuban to contribute all their abilities to overcome any challenge.

No jobs – unless you want seasonal work in farms

The bounce-back from the pandemic is negligible, with the number of persons not working rising rapidly

‘This is class war’: Tech companies and US Federal Reserve oversee major job losses

Meta has announced plans to cut 10,000 jobs this year amid a wave of mass layoffs by other US-based tech firms since 2022. Meanwhile, the US Federal Reserve has warned of a rise in unemployment due to a further hike in interest rates

Bat viruses How are bat viruses increasingly infecting people? Research sheds new light

The researchers claim that their detailed investigations and the outcomes enable them to predict in advance – up to two years – when clusters of the spillover may appear