global warming
As Greenland ice sheets melt at unprecedented rates, scientists urge civil disobedience

Greenland’s ice sheet is witnessing extensive melting, a phenomenon which does not usually take place in the month of September

South Asia’s floods show clear and present danger of climate change

D. Raghunandan of the Delhi Science Forum talks about the recent floods in various countries in south Asia and the reasons for these disasters. He also talks about how these incidents are connected to climate change

Pakistan floods What explains the disastrous floods in Pakistan this year?

A convergence of factors such as extreme heat waves, melting glaciers, and heavy monsoon rainfall explains the scale of floods in the country. All these factors are connected to climate change

Pakistan is under water

Pakistan is reeling under the impact of catastrophic flooding which has been attributed to climate change and poor planning by successive governments. We bring you an explainer on the situation and an analysis by Taimur Rahman of the Mazdoor Kisan Party

Dangerous heat waves to be more frequent and more sustained in the coming future

Dangerous heat waves are likely to hit much of the world more frequently – three times more often than today in some regions. Tropical regions, including India, may face extreme heat conditions almost daily by the end of this century.

Studies say birds with distinctive features at higher risk of extinction

Tropical and sub-tropical regions are most prone to lose species due to climate change with many going extinct while others shift their range. The remaining species will be alike in their traits

30% of Species threatened or extinct globally since 1500

A study from Minnesota University has shown that global biodiversity loss may be greater than thought previously. This will also adversely affect the functioning of ecosystems

Daily Round-up | Tribal clashes in Sudan result in 65 deaths & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of tribal clashes in Sudan, protests in Panama, agitations in UK against deportations in Rwanda, and the heat wave in Europe

Daily Round-up | Coffee giant announces store closures and other stories

In today’s episode, we take a look at stories of Starbucks shutting down outlets, the issue of mining deaths in Pakistan, and the increasing use of fossil fuels in Brazil

EU energy shortage Europe dumps its climate commitments after facing shortage of Russian gas 

The quick shift by rich European countries to “dirty” energy sources such as coal instead of managing demands raises serious concerns about the fate of global climate action and the future of the environmental movement

Desertification in Central Asia Desertification is rising in Central Asia: study

The study also found that mountain regions have also become hotter and wetter, which may cause the withdrawal of some major glaciers

Climate change: New research shows Alps turning green from white

The research is based on the satellite imagery of over 38 years across the entire European Alpine range. Scientists were surprised to find such a huge trend in greening