Progressives in Europe call for ceasefire in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine crossed two years, progressives are calling for a ceasefire and for negotiations to end the conflict

In major escalation, US bombs Iraq and Syria

The United States is now actively bombing Syria, Iraq, and Yemen in a regional West Asian conflict that the Western nation has only widened

US approves plan to bomb Iraq and Syria

The country approved plans to widen the scope of the regional war originating in Israel’s genocide in Gaza

US resumes previously suspended sanctions against Venezuela after candidate declared ineligible

The US had temporarily eased some of the unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela following agreements between the government and the opposition about the upcoming elections

Turkish communists protest NATO expansion as parliament votes to lift veto on Sweden’s entry

Various communist groups in Turkey have reiterated their demand for Turkey’s exit from NATO and the closure of all NATO bases in the country

Biden admits airstrikes against Yemen aren’t working, US continues bombing anyway

Instead of responding to call to pressure Israel for a ceasefire, the US continues to escalate the regional conflict

ECOWAS to hold talks with Niger as Sahel states move to expand ties

The West African regional bloc has decided to negotiate with Niamey for a “short transition roadmap” that can potentially lift sweeping economic sanctions. Meanwhile, Niger, along with Mali and Burkina Faso, is strengthening regional integration

Political crisis of Bangladesh is the byproduct of the capitalist crisis

From the viewpoint of imperialist forces, Bangladesh is the strategic springboard for heading towards the South-East and Asia Pacific. To achieve their political and economic goals in Bangladesh, imperialists consider the anti-liberation forces, the religious fundamentalists and their political allies, as their natural friends

APEC summit in San Francisco met with mass protests against imperialism and in support of Palestine

Ten thousand take to the streets in protest of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders Meetings taking place in San Francisco this week

Leila Khaled: “When people rise, the occupants begin to shiver”

Lauded Palestinian freedom fighter spoke in the III International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference on the ongoing Palestinian struggle for freedom

“As long as Palestine is occupied, no country is free”

Across West Asia and North Africa, massive protests have been staged in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to protest the criminal Israeli attacks on Gaza

“People make the revolution:” charting an anti-imperialist path in West Africa

Achy Ekissi of the Communist Party of Côte d’Ivoire talks about the coup in Niger, the political changes in the Sahel and the struggle against imperialism. He also talks about the role of the left in these processes