International Working Women’s Day
Brooklyn marches for Palestine on International Working Women’s Day

The peaceful demonstration was met with aggression as the protesters were attacked by NYPD officers. Dozens of protesters were arrested at multiple actions that took place across the city as well.

Argentine women unite against austerity and attacks on rights on International Working Women’s Day

Thousands filled the streets of the Argentine capital and cities across the country to reject Milei’s war on working women.

Women in Gaza remain among the most impacted by war

Women and girls in the Gaza Strip are facing a disproportionate effect of Israeli attacks amid lack of sanitary materials, food, and women’s health services

International Women’s Day 2023: Struggle for dignity and equality for all

This International Working Women’s Day, we take a look at the mobilizations and struggles women are taking part in across the world in their fight for equality, democracy, and dignity.

07-03 Uruguay - Women Day Actions International Working Women’s Day in Uruguay is the culmination of decades of mobilization

Feminist collectives in Uruguay held another day of action on March 8, building on decades of mobilization for women’s rights in the country

Daily Round-up | Four killed as Israeli massacre of Palestinians continues & other stories

In today’s episode, we look at yet another instance of Israeli massacre of Palestinians which left 4 dead and more stories.

Women workers of the world: united against imperialism and neo-fascism

Venezuelan socialist feminist organizations unite with others across the globe on International Working Women’s Day to call for a peaceful resolution to the Russia–Ukraine war

France health and women's rights protest Women’s rights at the heart of the fight over pensions in France

This year’s International Working Women’s Day in France holds special significance because of a nation-wide call by trade unions and people’s movements to bring the country to a standstill from March 7

Reclaiming the radical roots of International Working Women’s Day

The day was established by socialist women in order to highlight women’s centrality in the struggle to overthrow class based oppression, as well as to end the unique oppression faced by women.