Israeli aggression on Gaza
World faces days of “moral decay” as Israel bulldozes hospital grounds, detains more doctors

Israel carries out unprecedented attacks against health workers and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, bulldozing hospital grounds and detaining doctors

Dutch establishment and right-wing censors the slogan ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free’

Recently, the Dutch House of Representatives passed a motion moved by the right-wing party JA21 condemning the slogan ‘From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free’ as inciting violence. However, progressive sections and protesters continue to champion the slogan as a symbol of justice and the struggle of the Palestinian people

The suffocating occupation of Palestine is now a series of war crimes

Israel has grossly violated international humanitarian law in the last 3 weeks of incessant bombing of Gaza, all with the political and financial backing of the US

Israel’s indiscriminate killings in Gaza continue as Biden visits

Biden extended complete support from the US during his visit and also echoed Israeli claims that the attack on Al-Ahli Arab hospital was done by the “other party”

Israeli bombings and blockade is destroying healthcare in Gaza

Until urgent interventions are made thousands of Palestinians face a slow and painful death in the absence of basic medical care and repeated attacks on health workers by Israeli occupation

Israeli bombing in Gaza Israel airforce bombs Gaza

The attack marks a further escalation in Israeli violence inside the occupied Palestinian territories. There have been repeated attacks on the Al-Aqsa mosque compound during the month of Ramadan by the Israel forces

Opposition mounts to US arms sales to Israel

Several US congresspersons and rights groups have objected to the Joe Biden government’s decision to sell weapons worth USD 735 million to Israel, citing continued violations of human rights in Gaza and other occupied Palestinian territories

Palestinians participate in nationwide strike in opposition to ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza

The 9 days of Israeli attacks have cost 212 lives within Gaza, including 61 children. Another 1,500 Palestinians are reported to have been injured in the strikes