Juan Guaidó
Venezuela is prepared to defend itself against fraud allegations and right-wing attacks ahead of July elections, says foreign minister

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Yván Gil Pinto speaks about how people’s power continues to triumph against US imperialist meddling in the country

Las elecciones de Venezuela en el punto de mira del nuevo plan estadounidense para el cambio de régimen

Mientras Venezuela se prepara para acudir a las urnas en julio, los Estados Unidos ya han empezado a sembrar sospechas y dudas en torno al proceso electoral.

Venezuela’s election in the crosshairs of new US regime change scheme

As Venezuela prepares to head to the polls in July, the US has already started drumming up suspicion and doubt around the electoral process.

US announces temporary suspension of sanctions against Venezuelan oil and gas

The measure lasts 6 months and renewal depends on compliance with electoral agreement; this is a “diplomatic victory,” says Caracas

Venezuela Guyana Essequibo dispute Venezuela urges diplomatic resolution to Essequibo dispute with Guyana, condemns US attempts to militarize region

President Nicolàs Maduro has urged his Guyanese counterpart Irfaan Ali to resume direct dialogue over a long-standing territorial dispute over Essequibo. Venezuela has also accused the US of trying to militarize the resource-rich region, where ExxonMobil has been conducting oil drilling projects for years

Trump’s worst crimes are overlooked in latest arrest and arraignment

The former US president committed many crimes before and during his time in office. But he is being arraigned for crossing the US national security apparatus

Nicolás Maduro makes historic trip to Brazil for South American Presidents’ Summit

Maduro deemed the meeting a “historic and transcendental event” and an important step to reactivating comprehensive joint work between the two countries

How sanctions affect the poor and vulnerable

In this video, we take a look at the politics behind sanctions, how they have become the preferred choice of the US to exert pressure on its rivals and bring about regime change, and how they affect the poor and vulnerable the most

Boric appoints new Chilean ambassador to Venezuela

In spite of the government’s hostility towards Maduro, Chile becomes 5th South American country to normalize relations with Caracas after the Guaidó crisis

Venezuela and Brazil formally restore ties

Maduro is expected to travel to Brasilia for a summit with Lula next week where they may sign cooperation agreements

Presidents of Colombia and Venezuela meet at the border, sign new trade agreement

The new trade agreement further strengthens the bilateral trade between the two neighboring countries

¿A cuál Gobierno reconoce Estados Unidos en Venezuela?

El gobierno estadounidense considera que la verdadera institución democrática en Venezuela es la Asamblea Nacional de 2015 que no se ha reunido en siete años y cuyo mandato expiró tras las elecciones de diciembre de 2020