Marielle Franco
How Rio de Janeiro officials and police worked with militias to murder Marielle Franco

The report from the Federal Police shows the collusion of authorities and the power of the suspects to try to prevent the case from being solved

Suspects in murder of Marielle Franco arrested in Rio de Janeiro

Those arrested were Domingos Brazão, a TCE-RJ advisor, Chiquinho Brazão, a congressman, and Rivaldo Barbosa, a civil police officer

Five years since the assassination of Marielle Franco

On March 14th, 2018, Marielle Franco was assassinated. All over Brazil on Tuesday, people gathered to pay tribute to the slain activist and leader on her 5th death anniversary.

Five years after her death, Marielle Franco’s family continues to demand justice

Five years since her murder, the names of those behind the crime and their motives are still unknown

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Brazilian government orders new investigation into assassination of Marielle Franco

Almost five years after Black human rights activist and councilwoman Marielle Franco’s assassination, the question “who ordered her murder?” remains unanswered

Violence is on the rise in Brazil

Violence reigns against poor and working class people in Brazil, and plays a critical role in suppressing popular movements

Anielle Franco “It’s a step, not a victory,” says Marielle Franco’s sister about developments in murder probe

It has been two years since the assassination of councilwoman Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Gomes. Marielle’s sister Anielle Franco speaks to Brasil De Fato on the investigation, the participation of black women in politics and the Marielle Franco Institute

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Football match brought together friends of Lula, Chico Buarque, and MST in São Paulo

Event celebrated Brazilian democracy at MST school; ex-president and musician scored goals

On Black Awareness Day, Brazilians march for rights and the end of black genocide

Demonstrators took to the streets in several cities to celebrate black activists and a different project for society