Mike Pence
How Trump managed to lead the world with the worst response to COVID-19 pandemic

The United States leads the world in terms of absolute numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 as well as deaths. Vijay Prashad looks into how the US continues to fail to contain the spread of coronavirus

US COVID whistleblower Rick Bright Trump administration ignored warnings of COVID-19 spread, says whistleblower

A complaint filed with the US watchdog would be the first major indictment of the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, that has killed around 70,000 US citizens so far

COVID-19 and the Future of Neoliberalism

Atul Bhardwaj talks to Prof. Inderjeet Parmar on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the world order, the options before countries in terms of policy making and the new forms of resistance that may emerge.

Novel coronavirus World at a tipping point as COVID-19 cases cross 100,000

Every country needs to prepare and prepare now, with testing capacities, infrastructure to quarantine suspected cases, and hospital infrastructure to isolate patients in special negative pressure rooms

Massive pro-Palestinian protests against AIPAC and Israel staged in Washington DC

The protests took place in the backdrop of prominent US Democratic presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, among others, deciding to skip the annual conference of the pro-Jewish lobby group

SDF forces withdraw from Ras al-Ain after US-Turkey deal

The deal between the US and Turkey, signed on October 17, may be short- lived given the differences over its interpretation by the different parties

Israeli attack on Iraq Israel strikes multiple targets in West Asia, escalating tensions in the region

Israel carried out unprovoked attacks on Iraq, Lebanon and Syria within a span of three days, since Saturday, allegedly to target Iranian allies in these countries.

[VIDEO] Chronicle of a Failed Intervention

Video by Tatuy Tv chronicles the first few months of the attempted coup against the constitutional government of Nicolás Maduro led by Juan Guaidó and his imperialist allies

People of Venezuela say to coup attempt: “Not today!”

After defeating a coup attempt by the right-wing opposition, the people of Venezuela mobilized in great numbers to commemorate International Workers’ Day, and to demonstrate their support for the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Who is the real culprit behind Venezuela’s political turmoil?

The US-led intervention in Venezuela—hiding behind a pretext of humanitarianism—follows a long pattern of economic policies and covert operations in the country and in the region that seek to protect the economic interests of the United States and Europe

Despite opposition violence, Guaidó’s “aid” attempt flops

Sporadic clashes were reported on the border with opposition protesters

Warsaw summit 2019 delegates Warsaw summit turned into an anti-Iran conclave by US, Israel

US vice-president, Mike Pence, urged EU countries to withdraw from the Iran deal, while the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu tweeted his intentions to start a war with Iran.

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