ATW_Rodrigues Island_Palestine_Peru Around the World in 8 Minutes: Episode 39

In this episode, we report on protests in Rodrigues Island, the demolition of a Palestinian village by Israel, and the struggle in Peru against a mining project.

tuticorin-massacre One year of Thoothukudi massacre

Despite the protest, Vedanta continue to deepen its roots by obtaining permission for hydro carbon extraction in the delta district.

Thousands of Argentine workers march to denounce Macri’s austerity measures

In order to reduce the fiscal deficit as demanded by the IMF, the administration of the ruling right-wing party Cambiemos announced new increases in the tariffs of public transport, electricity, water and residential gas.

Russia responds to largest ever NATO military drill off Norwegian border

Russia has launched its own military exercises in response to the NATO exercises which involve over 50,000 troops and have been met with protests across Europe

Unions in Trinidad and Tobago unite in support of refinery workers

Nearly 3,500 workers are at risk of losing their jobs after the board of directors of the state-owned Petrotrin oil refining company decided to shut down the sole refinery in the country

Basra’s protests hold larger significance for the region

The demonstrations over deteriorating infrastructure and contamination of water have also acquired a larger significance with Iranian officials accusing Saudi Arabia of involvement in the burning down of the former’s consulate in the city

60 protesters injured after police kill two militants in Kashmir

As many as six civilians are believed to have had their eyesight damaged after they were injured by pellet shotguns

What is behind the unceasing waves of protest in Romania?

Repeated attempts by the government to amend laws, ostensibly to protect those accused in corruption cases, has infuriated residents who have taken to the streets on numerous occasions

Honduran court denies victimhood to COPINH in Berta Cáceres assassination case

The authorities and the judicial system have focused on prosecuting those immediately responsible as opposed to the institutions that were behind the assassination

Argentina says: Never again IMF!

In the late 90s, IMF intervention in the Argentine economy led to a massive crisis and provoked a major social mobilization against the organization and the government. As president Mauricio Macri seeks to repeat history, the people are preparing for another huge round of protests

Venezuelan peasants march to present demands to government

The ‘Admirable Peasants’ March’ is scheduled to arrive at Caracas on July 25, where they seek to hand over a document to President Nicolás Maduro

Honduran transport strike gains massive public support

The strike which began with the demand to reduce fuel prices is now being supported by various sectors which are highlighting the crisis of governance in the country, and the illegitimacy of the government of Juan Orlando Hernández

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