Rania Khalek
Movements affirm that imperialism is in decline, but mass struggle more necessary than ever

Hundreds of members of trade unions, people’s movements, and left political parties from across the world gathered in the Venezuelan capital for the World Gathering for a Social Alternative

Sanctions are killing people in earthquake-hit Syria

Rania Khalek of BreakThrough News explains how Western sanctions on Syria are leading to deaths, obstructing aid, and preventing reconstruction in the aftermath of the horrifying earthquake

Sadrists occupy Iraqi parliament

The protesters opposing the government formation efforts of Mohammed Shia al-Sudani stormed the high security Green Zone in Baghdad to demand the cancellation of his prime ministership.

Saudi moves against Lebanon Saudi attempts to play regional hegemon face tough resistance in Lebanon

Hezbollah’s resistance to Israel and criticism of the war in Yemen has infuriated Saudi Arabia which is now using its economic leverage to punish the common Lebanese people at a time when they are going through the worst crisis in the history of the country since the civil war