Rapid Support Forces
Over a million people take to the streets against coup by Sudan’s military

Trade unions and people’s movements have called for strikes and mass protests in response to the coup by the Sudanese military on Monday morning. Prime minister Abdalla Hamdok and key civilian leaders have been arrested

Death toll from armed clashes in Sudan’s West Darfur State rises to 132

The violence over the past weekend in El Geneina, the capital city of Sudan’s West Darfur State, has led to over 130 deaths and over 200 injuries. Behind these clashes lie failures in the peace process involving the transitional government and rebel groups

Sudan RSF Trade union coalition in Sudan launches campaign to dissolve government-backed militia

The Sudanese Professionals Association launched the campaign following the torture and killing of a young activist, Bahaeldin Nouri, who was abducted by the intelligence wing of the government-backed Rapid Support Forces on December 21

sudan-swearing-in Head of military junta takes charge as transitional president of Sudan

A 11-member sovereignty council, headed by the new president general Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, was also sworn in on August 21. Abdullah Hamdok, an economist, was also sworn in as prime minister on the same day

Why the political agreement in Sudan may help the military preserve its power Sudanese Communist Party rejects agreement with military junta

The agreement between a section of the DFCF and the military junta does not assure the dissolution of militias and grants immunity to government members

Protests rock Sudan against massacre of school children Protests rock Sudan against massacre of school children

Tens of thousands of people are set to take to the streets for the third successive day demanding justice for the four children and one activist who were killed by militiamen in the city of El Obeid

Why the political agreement in Sudan may help the military preserve its power Why the political agreement in Sudan may end up preserving the military’s power

The agreement signed on July 17 between the military junta and some sections of the opposition has enabled the former to go back on certain commitments it had made in the earlier negotiations

Sudanese Communist Party Sudanese Communist Party refuses to take part in transitional government, calls for agitations

The Sudanese Communist Party’s decision comes after a meeting between the leadership of the civilian forces and the military junta in which the latter went back on a number of commitments it had made earlier

Beware of betrayal by the military, Sudanese Communist Party warns protesters Beware of betrayal by the military, Sudanese Communist Party warns protesters

In a statement, the Sudanese Communist Party has asked the protesters to stay on the streets to ensure that the military sticks to its side of the July 5 agreement on a new transitional government

Ten killed by security forces as millions in Sudan reclaim the streets

At least 10 people were killed and over 180 injured as the security apparatus cracked down Sunday’s march marking the anniversary of the 1989 coup that brought ex-president Omar al-Bashir to power

Sudanese protesters agree to the Ethiopian mediator’s proposal, military junta refuses

The proposal outlines the composition of the bodies of power that will govern Sudan over the next several years

Two weeks after massacre, Sudanese set to reclaim the streets

“To the tyrants who believed for a while that victory was theirs, we say, our people will rise up.. to recommence the journey and complete the revolution,” the SPA said as the protesters begin preparations to escalate.