Student debt
After student loan payments resume, Biden cancels 0.5% of total federal student debt

Student loan borrowers who have been calling for complete cancellation have denounced band aid solutions to debt crisis

Affirmative action is upheld in military academies. Why might “diversity” matter to the US military?

The US Supreme Court struck down race-based admissions in civilian universities but left military academies alone. The military’s relentless recruitment of the poor and dispossessed could be to blame

US Supreme Court strikes down student debt relief—another blow to education for all

The Supreme Court has broadly been used as a right-wing tool to eliminate rights and opportunities for large groups of people

Attacks on student loan forgiveness threaten millions in the US

Congress is spearheading an effort to force millions student debtors deeper into financial despair

Right wing prepares ‘debt ceiling’ attack. Will Joe Biden capitulate?

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy laid out the major cuts to social programs that Republicans will be seeking in return for passing legislation that would raise the “debt ceiling.” This is a manufactured crisis the question is whether President Joe Biden will blink

A government for and of the banks in the US

Eugene Puryear of BreakThrough News explains the latest US banking crisis, the role of the US Federal Reserve, and how only the rich seem to be worthy of bailouts and rescue packages

Student debt protesters The US Supreme Court entertains the idea that student loan forgiveness will “harm” people

The ultraconservative Supreme Court appears poised to force the burden of USD 1.6 trillion in federal student loan debt back onto tens of millions of workers

Did Biden’s State of the Union address speak to economic despair in the US?

During his State of the Nation address on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden touted what he claimed were improvements in the life of working class people while glossing over his broken campaign promises and the dire economic crisis facing millions

Daily Round-up | Hundreds of thousands protest pension reforms in France & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of another massive protest in France against pension reforms, illegal miners fleeing Indigenous lands in Brazil, the UN seeking to revive peace talks in Libya, and the Republicans moving against student debt waiver in the US

Biden’s student loan forgiveness program in jeopardy

Conservative lawmakers in the US have presented new legal challenges to the program, which will potentially impact 43 million people

Explained: Reasons behind the massive student debt crisis in the US

Why are so many American citizens under so much debt from trying to attain education? What is the structure of the education system which has led to this crisis?

Students Protest-Netherlands Student groups in Netherlands seek abolition of loan system

Student and youth groups in the Netherlands have demanded the government to abolish the current system of student loans that has indebted a generation of students. They have demanded a basic grant or a comparable form of universal basic financing