Ursula von der Leyen
Nikol Pashinyan Russia scrambles as EU surges in the Caucasus

The EU’s strategic interest is for Armenia and Azerbaijan to minimize Russian influence in Transcaucasia. With so many powerful geopolitical players involved in the Caucasus region, the situation is delicate

EU-Tunisia deal on migrants EU signs border control pact with Tunisia to stop migration

Tunisia will be the second country after Libya to play the role of border patrol to stop the inflow of migrants into European countries through the Mediterranean sea

Tunisia-EU migrant deal Is the EU bribing and blackmailing Tunisia to crack down on migrants?

The Workers’ Party of Tunisia and human rights groups have condemned an agreement between the government and European countries which seeks to end “irregular migration.” They say Tunisia will become a policeman for Europe and crack down on migrants

Ukraine war: The short view

Russia has the capability to launch a “big arrow” offensive towards the Dnieper but the Kremlin’s preference is to continue to grind down the Ukrainian military — a strategy that proved cost-effective in human and material terms, productive, and sustainable. Depending on the trajectory of the Ukrainian offensive, Russia has the option to switch to a massive attack to pulverize the adversary

Palestinians outraged as Ursula von der Leyen invokes Zionist myths to wish Israel on its 75th foundation day

European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen’ statement referred to Israel as the promised land and equated its creation with freedom. The Palestinian Authority and activists across the world termed the statement racist and a defense of colonialism and apartheid

Ukraine war Waiting for Biden’s definition of victory in Ukraine

There is no more talk in Western media about destroying the Russian “war machinery” or an insurrection against the Kremlin and a regime change

Russia-China ties China doubles down on vision with Russia

The West’s “information war” and its distorted projection of the China-Russia relationship in the context of the Ukraine crisis, is fraught with consequences for the emerging world order

EU-Israel gas deal Human rights groups denounce EU’s gas deal with Israel 

The Europe Union is looking for alternative sources of gas supply in an attempt to reduce dependence on Russian gas following sanctions imposed against the country after its attack on Ukraine

Ukraine: A conflict soaked in contradictions and new patterns in war and media

War in Ukraine joins a sequence of wars that have opened sores on a very fragile planet. Wars in Africa and Asia seem endless, and some of them are rarely commented upon with any feeling in media outlets across the world

Iran nuclear deal Ukraine sparks EU, US rush to Iran deal

There is a palpable sense of urgency in Washington to clinch a deal in Vienna, as the advanced centrifuges in the Iranian nuclear installations are narrowing the so-called breakout time by the day

European Union prefers corporate profits over the health of people across the world

By showing reluctance on the patent waiver on COVID-19-related products even after the majority of its population is vaccinated, the EU leadership has once again taken the side of Big Pharma and perpetuated vaccine apartheid

Progressive forces in Italy slam Global Health Summit, demand free and universal vaccination

Leftist parties and trade unions in Italy organized demonstrations and a health workers’ strike on May 21-22 to protest the neoliberal agenda behind the G20 Global Health Summit in Rome, as well as the anti-people policies of the Mario Draghi-led government