War on Syria
Syria criticizes visit by US delgation Syria accuses Israel, US of trying to escalate war in the country 

A couple of delegations of US Congress persons and the US ambassador to Turkey paid illegal visits to areas held by anti-Assad forces on Sunday. Meanwhile, Israel conducted airstrikes inside Syria in recent days

US forces kill in Syria At least one civilian killed and scores injured in firing by US and allies in Syria

The firing took place while the US forces were conducting an airdrop operation near the Iraq border. The Syrian government has termed the presence of US forces in the country as illegal, calling it an occupation and demanded their immediate withdrawal

Syria critcizes France France’s foreign policy towards the Arab world is colonial, backward, and detached from reality, says Syria 

Former colonial power France had supported the anti-Assad forces in Syria with the objective of regime change, which prolonged the war in the country. France also became part of the US-led illegal unilateral sanctions regime against Syria 

Israeli airstrikes after Amman statement on Syria Israeli airstrikes in Syria kill one, injure seven others 

The latest Israeli aggression targeted the Aleppo international airport. The airstrikes took place a day after a joint statement calling for peace and stability in Syria was issued by Arab countries after they met in the Jordanian capital Amman

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US occupation of Syria will continue

Washington is increasingly left with no option but to stir up the Syrian pot again and create turmoil with a view to creating an alibi for the continued occupation of the country

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Syria condemns US attacks on health sector

Syria claims that economic recovery and improvements to public service delivery have been hindered by unilateral sanctions and military occupation imposed by the US and its allies

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EU policies on refugees Europe’s treatment of refugees is racist and murderous 

The recent incident of refugees being stranded in the Mediterranean without assistance from coastal forces exemplifies a larger pattern of cruelty by European nations towards those fleeing conflict zones