Shack-dwellers movement boycotts the ANC and pledges vote to SRWP

Citing police brutality, arrests and assassinations they have been subjected to by the ANC government, the movement has concluded that voting ANC “is like digging our own graves.”

Photo of a peasant injured during police repression in Popayan Protesters meet with brutal police repression in Cauca, Colombia

The protesters are demanding that the national government guarantee basic rights such as health, education and housing as well as the protection of social and peasant leaders

Around the world in 8 minutes: Episode 02

This episode takes you to New Delhi, India where millions of defiant workers went on a two-day general strike against the policies of the far-right Narendra Modi government.

Maritza Isabel Quiroz Leiva In Colombia, 2019 begins with more assassinations of leaders

Organizations have denounced the assassinations and called on the Colombian government to take real measures to protect the lives of social leaders

Two MST leaders brutally assassinated in the northeast of Brazil

On Saturday night, two heavily armed masked hitmen attacked an MST camp and murdered two MST militants José Bernardo da Silva and Rodrigo Celestino while they were eating dinner

“There is a sector of the Colombian oligarchy that benefits from the war”

Social organizations are preparing for a major mobilization for life and for peace on August 7 when Ivan Duque will be sworn in as president

No more murders of social leaders in Colombia: Social Movements of ALBA

Over 300 such murders have been reported since the signing of the peace agreement

Murder of social leaders reveals unholy nexus in Colombia

According to a recent report, 123 social leaders were assassinated between January 1 and July 4, 2018

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