Five new countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, formally join BRICS

Members of the expanded BRICS bloc have declared to work for multilateral regimes and multipolarity against the attempts to create hegemony and dominance in the world politics

Dedollarization: 95% of trade between China and Russia is no longer done in US currency

Russia and China exceeded their transaction target for trade of USD 200 billion before the end of the year

De la dominación occidental a la desdolarización: una ruta peligrosa

La mayoría de los países del Sur Global se encuentran en un punto intermedio entre sufrimiento económico, peligros y decisiones difíciles. Liberarse del poder occidental será doloroso, pero ya no parece imposible

Two weeks out from Ecuador’s runoff election, candidates debate on key issues

Leftist lawyer Luisa González and businessman Daniel Noboa outlined their government plans, debating on the matters of economy, security, social policies and political issues

The perilous path from Western domination to De-dollarization

Most countries in the Global South are in the in-between of economic suffering, perils, and difficult decisions. Extricating themselves from Western power will be painful, but no longer appears impossible

BRICS summit was a giant leap towards inclusive multilateralism

Mandla J. Radebe of the University of Johannesburg talks about the outcomes of the recent BRICS summit in South Africa. He analyzes the politics of the expansion, the new financial architecture under construction, and the role of BRICS in the African continent

BRICS summit BRICS calls for global economic decision making in the interest of the majority 

Policies followed by the West such as sanctions, conditionalities in loan disbursal, and dollar hegemony were the targets of speeches made by the BRICS leaders on the first and second days of the summit

BRICS summit begins with focus on expansion, de-dollarization

The summit of BRICS leaders is expected to take crucial decisions related to the bloc’s expansion and its role in carving out more space for the economies of the Global South in the world economy

Can BRICS lead a wave of assertion from Global South?

At its historic summit in South Africa, BRICS has an opportunity to give voice to the demands of the Global South. In order to do so, it must realize its potential as a global forum that provides alternatives for development and growth

Russia-Africa summit Second Russia-Africa Summit ends with commitments towards cooperation across key sectors

Hosted in St.Petersburg, the two-day summit was attended by delegations from 49 African states. The meeting has produced a 74-point joint declaration for collaboration on matters including security, trade, and the environment

Inequality must be “priority” in climate change discussion, says Lula in Paris

The Brazilian President says there is no point in having a “very good climate” while people die of hunger

US Bureau of Engraving and Printing Are we living through a De-dollarization?

Until recently, the global economy accepted the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the currency of international transactions. But as the world becomes increasingly multipolar, how stable is the dollar’s hegemony?