Great Depression
Got a degree, but no Job? | With Aunindyo Chakravarty

Journalist and analyst Aunindyo Chakravarty talks about the phenomenon of educated Indian youth failing to get jobs. Unemployment amongst those with graduate or post graduate degrees is twice as much as that amongst those with lesser education

Mega financial crisis coming? The background | With Aunindyo Chakravarty

In the first part of a series on the current economic and banking crisis, senior journalist Aunindyo Chakravarty takes a look at the catastrophic 2008 recession and the factors that led to it

Study throws new light on impact of Great Depression on human DNA

The findings suggest that the economic recession impacted how people would age, even before they are born. The cells of those who were conceived during the Great Depression show signs of faster ageing

Fascism haunts Europe again

Journalist Aunindyo Chakravarty talks about the rise of Nazism and explains how whenever capitalism is in crisis, capitalists always back anti-people, anti-democratic forces to stop any form of socialism

Why agriculture shouldn’t be left to free market

The prices as well as the quantities of the agricultural produce in a free market would be far from socially optimal and are likely to be socially disastrous

Why the pandemic crisis marks a dead-end for capitalism

Even after the pandemic shock is over, the world will still be stuck with the protracted crisis of over-production, which had engulfed it well before