Liberal Party (PL)
Will Bolsonaro be brought to justice for his role in the January 8 coup attempt?

On Thursday, February 8, the Federal Police carried out an operation that shook the Brazilian political scene

Why is the Brazilian right-wing afraid of women MPs from the left?

Hundreds of members of trade unions, social movements, left parties and individuals gathered in Sao Paulo in solidarity with six women MPs from left-wing parties.

Brazilian House of Representatives approves tax reform

The Tax Reform passed with382 votes in favor and 118 against and a split Liberal Party with 20 members saying “yes” to the text

5 questions about Brazil’s historic elections

Everything you need to know about the second round presidential elections in Brazil which will see former president Lula face off against far-right incumbent Bolsonaro

São Paulo’s largest favela walks for life, hope and democracy

The Walk for Life was organized in Heliópolis, to support the candidacy of Fernando Haddad for governor of São Paulo and of Lula da Silva for president of Brazil.

What explains the difference between the polls and election results in Brazil?

Analysts have pointed to respondents’ declaration of false information or “embarrassed voting” as a major factor in the difference between the polls and the results

Brazil elections Lula and Bolsonaro to face off in second round of presidential elections in Brazil

Leftist candidate Lula da Silva obtained 48.43% of the votes, while conservative Bolsonaro followed him with 43.20% of the votes

Lula continues to lead in all major polls on Brazilian presidential race

New poll results show that Workers’ Party candidate Lula maintains strong lead against far-right Jair Bolsonaro, who is in second place