New York City
NYC shows up for Palestine in the pouring rain

Peoples Dispatch was on the ground in New York City on March 2, when 50,000 people marched to demand an end to Israel’s genocide in Gaza

New Yorkers demand their city council call for a ceasefire

NYC Palestine solidarity organizations are holding a 24-hour vigil outside of City Hall to apply pressure to City Council to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

NYC students walk out for Gaza

While US politicians continue to aid and support Israel, people across the United States have been demanding that their elected officials end all aid to Israel and call for an immediate ceasefire.

NYC activists defy police repression and continue mobilizing for Palestine

Protesters with the #ShutItDown4Palestine movement took the streets of New York City once again on February 4 to demand an end to all US funding of Israel and a permanent ceasefire

New Yorkers rally to express solidarity between Black, LGBTQ, and Palestinian struggle

LGBTQ organizers of color drew historic connections between the struggles of the Palestinian people and those of Black and LGBTQ people in the United States

Organizers declare: Repression won’t stop the movement to free Palestine

The Palestine solidarity movement in the United States has been under increased pressure by authorities but shows no signs of letting up

After over 100 days of protests, repression intensifies against Palestine solidarity movement in NYC

Demonstrators in New York City are experiencing a new wave of repression from the NYPD though protests show no signs of stopping

Palestine solidarity demonstrators block rush hour traffic in NYC

Four major transport arteries were blocked at peak commuter hours, sending a powerful message in support of Palestine

Protesters in NYC brave snow to demand an end to Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza

Thousands of #ShutItDown4Palestine protesters rallied in Manhattan braving heavy snow and rain, to demand a ceasefire in Gaza

Massive march for Palestine disrupts NYC on New Years Eve

Thousands marched on December 31 in New York City to demand an immediate ceasefire and that the US end all aid to Israel

Activists declare: No Christmas during genocide!

In New York City, thousands rallied on December 23 in support of a ceasefire in Gaza and to condemn Israel’s genocidal violence against Palestinians.

US labor unions march for Palestine

The labor movement’s support for a ceasefire has been growing in recent weeks with major unions such as the UAW supporting the global movement for Palestine