Water crisis
Environmental racism is poisoning the waters in the US

Thousands of people in US cities have been left without access to clean water. Communities say institutional racism is to blame

“Water is dignity”: Residents in majority-Black Jackson, Mississippi left without drinkable water

The city of Jackson, Mississippi needs billions to fix its chronically broken water system. As residents enter day four of the water crisis, locals tire of temporary solutions

Amid backlash World Economic Forum launches “Global Center for Urban Transformation” in Detroit

Activists say city is “model for urban destruction” thanks to big banks and billionaire capitalists like those who attend the WEF

Ten years ago, the UN declared access to water and sanitation a human right

The resolution does not reflect the reality of millions of Brazilians; perspectives are bleak with passing of new laws

The socio-economic crisis is aggravating the health crisis in Peru

The unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of hunger have forced millions of Peruvians to venture out and risk infection

“Native people live under a constant threat of settler-colonialism”

Melanie Yazzie from The Red Nation spoke to us about the how the current COVID-19 crisis in Navajo Nation has been exacerbated by the settler-colonialist conditions under which the people live.

Navajo Nation responds to COVID-19 with mutual aid

We talk to Brandon Benallie from the Red Nation about the situation in Navajo Nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Around the World in 8 Minutes: Zimbabwe’s doctors seek accountability

We also look at the struggles and demands of the Peruvian people as they deal with the pandemic and the lifting of the lockdown in Wuhan.

Peruvians fight the COVID-19 outbreak amid water crisis and neoliberalism

The government led by President Martín Vizcarra has taken measures that heed social distancing, but has completely disregarded the water criss in the country, which is fundamental in avoiding contagion of the novel coronavirus

“Water is worth more than gold”: Mendoza, Argentina rejects advance of extractive industry

The province of Mendoza has been suffering from water crisis for more than 11 years and mining activities would be further aggravate the crisis

Chilean police repress demonstration against water crisis

The national police beat demonstrators, dragged them off the road and arrested 17 protesters

Water: A right or a commodity?

India is experiencing water scarcity as it has never encountered before and according to reports, the future is looking no better.