Yemen ceasefire
Yemen Houthi forces withdraw from vicinity of three ports in accordance with ceasefire deal

The Houthis are handing over control of the ports of Hodeidah, Saleef and Ras Isa to the Yemeni coastguard. An agreement to this effect was signed in Stockholm in December

UN says withdrawal agreement in Yemen is important progress

The Houthis have promised to withdraw from key port installations and the Saudi-led coalition from the eastern outskirts of Hodeidah. The ceasefire deal was reached in December

Organizations from across the world call for solidarity with people of Yemen

Over 50 organizations expressed grave concern over the acute humanitarian crisis affecting Yemen. 14 million people or more are at risk of famine, and 22 million are in constant need of humanitarian aid

UN-negotiated truce takes effect in Yemen

Houthi forces have begun to withdraw from the port city of Hodeidah, UN sources confirmed. Forces of the Saudi-led coalition are also supposed to withdraw from parts the city they captured.

Yemen ceasefire Airstrikes, fighting resume in Yemen’s Hodeidah despite UN-brokered ceasefire

As a result of sustained aggression by US-backed Saudi led international coalition, Yemen has suffered a severe humanitarian crisis.

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