Yemen war
US War on Terror against Houthis is smoke and mirrors

The US and Israel are desperate to rope in India in their upcoming ill-fated ‘war on terror’ against Yemen, a civilisational state, so as to give their risky enterprise a regional habitation and name

WFP announces halting food distribution in Houthi-held northern Yemen

Close to 17 million of Yemenis, out of a total population of over 30 million, are dependent on food aid to avoid starvation. A majority of them live in the Houthi-controlled areas

Saudi Arabia and Iran take next step in re-establishing ties, exchange ambassadors

The Saudi and Iranian embassies had already resumed operations over the previous months. The developments are a result of an agreement in March which was brokered with Chinese mediation

Yemen Youtube channels banned Houthis say YouTube’s ban on its channels in Yemen is part of West-imposed media blockade 

Over a dozen YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands followers belonging to different groups in Houthi-run areas of Yemen were blocked on Monday. Ansar Allah called the ban arbitrary and an act of “intellectual terrorism

Is the US spooked by the possibility of peace breaking out in West Asia?

NewsClick’s Prabir Purkyastha analyzes the recent developments in West Asia, including discussions between countries which have long been hostile to each other. He also talks about the US response to these initiatives

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Mapping Faultlines: Saudi-Iran deal, the Role of China, and a bewildered US

Former Indian diplomat M.K. Bhadrakumar and NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha talk about the recent Iran-Saudi deal that was mediated by the Chinese and its implications for West Asia

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