Crisis of capitalism
What are the Dilemmas of Humanity today?

We bring you glimpses from the first day of the Dilemmas of Humanity: Pan African Dialogues to Build Socialism conference that is currently underway in South Africa. Delegates from across the continent are deliberating on the crisis of capitalism and the socialist alternatives of our time

Dilemmas of Humanity “There can be no justice until capitalism is removed from the Earth”

As the ‘Dilemmas of Humanity: Pan African Dialogues to Build Socialism’ conference kicks off in South Africa, peoples’ movements and organizations have convened to discuss concrete strategies for a united struggle against the violence of capitalism and imperialism 

Charting a Socialist path for Africa

200 delegates from political parties and people’s movements have gathered for the “Dilemmas of Humanity: Pan African Dialogues to Build Socialism” conference. The delegates talk about why this conference is important and the socialist path forward for the challenges faced by the continent

Africa’s path to socialism

200 delegates from 40 organizations are gathering in South Africa for the “Dilemmas of Humanity: Pan African Dialogues to Build Socialism” conference. For the next four days, progressive movements and organizations will discuss the challenges posed by capitalism, and articulate the socialist way forward

Decoding India’s Economy | With Prof. Prabhat Patnaik

Senior journalist Aunindyo Chakravarty and noted economist Prabhat Patnaik discuss the economic structure of India, the support base of the current dispensation, questions around capitalism and socialism, and what gives us hope in these difficult times

Interview-SDAJ Germany The pandemic and the rise of the right in Germany

Luca Schaefer from the International Board of the Socialist German Workers’ Youth (SDAJ) speaks about the impact of COVID-19 in Germany and the state of the left

We Must Change the System for Our Future Generation: Roger Waters

Vijay Prashad, Executive Director of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, talks to Roger Waters of Pink Floyd on the crisis of capitalism and the need to fight for a better world. Roger Waters talks about the death of activist Ramona Medina in Buenos Aires, poverty and access to water and the responsibility we have to future generations.

The human toll of COVID-19 in Brazil

The corona crisis has also brought to the forefront the crisis in Brazil’s healthcare system. The Sistema Único de Saúde – SUS -, Brazil’s publicly funded health system has been facing dire budget cuts over the past several years while the private system has been steadily growing.

COVID-19 Has Exposed Collapse of American Dream: V

As the world struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic and distancing becomes the new normal, loneliness and the lack of touch has emerged as one of the greatest losses, says activist and playwright V

International day of peasant struggle: Peasant rights and COVID-19

Pramesh Pokharel of La Via Campesina discusses how the fight for peasant rights and land reform becomes even more vital amid the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic: Capitalism is questioned

Farooque Chowdhury reflects on the pressing questions of capitalism and imperialism amid the outbreak of coronavirus

In Light of the Global Pandemic, Focus Attention on the People

In the wake of the global COVID-19 outbreak, movements from across the world call for states to adopt measures to ensure the well-being and survival of the people