Farmers lead shutdown across India to mark 4 months of protest and other stories

Today we take a look at a nationwide shutdown led by farmers in India, a controversial voting bill passed in Georgia, US, the annual Peasant March in Paraguay, the results of Israel’s parliamentary elections, and reports of the Indian government placing restrictions on exports of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

Why are Indian farmers protesting Modi’s agriculture bills?

The government passed three bills on agriculture brazenly flouting parliamentary rules and ignoring the protesting farmers across the country.

Opening India’s food economy to demands of imperialism

Every step in the direction of opening agriculture to global trade – as announced in the three ordinances by the Modi government – is a step towards reducing domestic food availability.

German farmers mobilize against agri-business, seek sustainable solutions

On January 26, hundreds of farmers and activists marched in Passau, Bavaria, demanding radical transformation in the agricultural sector, including environment-friendly agricultural policies

After decades of farmers’ struggles, Pakistan army admits it does not own farm land

The Okara farmland’s cultivators have been seeking ownership rights over the land for two decades. The Pakistani army has met these demands with violence and arrests

“India will not be ruled by capitalists”: Farmers march to Parliament

They demanded a special parliament session to discuss the agrarian crisis the country is facing.

Farmers march India Farmers flood the streets of New Delhi, India to demand their rights

Farmers in India are demanding a special session which will only discuss the plight of the farmers, and ways to address the severe agrarian crisis.

Peasants will be able to approach courts using the provisions of the declaration if it is adopted. UN Human Rights Council adopts landmark declaration of peasants' rights UN Human Rights Council adopts landmark declaration of peasants’ rights

If approved by UN member states next month, the declaration will help farmers legally challenge agricultural policies, as well as the broader policy directions such as austerity and ‘free-trade’

Millions of Indians mobilize against government’s anti-farmer policies

The protest call was also supported by Dalit organisations and former servicemen to let the government know that the oppressed will not stand by quietly.

Venezuelan peasants meet president Maduro after 400 km march

Many of those who participated in the march have faced the onslaught led by large landowners against the Venezuelan peasantry, which has worsened in the last two years

Venezuelan peasants march to present demands to government

The ‘Admirable Peasants’ March’ is scheduled to arrive at Caracas on July 25, where they seek to hand over a document to President Nicolás Maduro

Hundreds of Myanmarese Farmers Await Return of Land Seized by Military

Nearly 80,000 hectares have been taken away from poor and marginalized farmers, who are struggling to make a living