Hassan Rouhani
HEPCO Iran 28 arrested, 16 injured at HEPCO workers’ protest in Iran

Workers of the Heavy Equipment Production Company were protesting in Arak, Iran, when security forces unleashed brutal force on them. The main demand of workers was the release of their pending wages, along with ending the privatization of state-owned companies.

Aijaz Ahmad US Iran nuclear deal US policy vacuum is worsening the West Asia situation

Political analyst Aijaz Ahmad talks about the gaps in the US approach towards Iran — both in terms of policy and personnel — that have led to a war-like situation in the region.

US war on Iran What will be the impact of a US war on Iran?

A potential war by the US on Iran will have a disastrous impact on the global economy.

US offensive against Iran Did the US almost launch a war against Iran?

Newsclick’s Prabir Purkayastha talks about the situation in West Asia in the aftermath of reports of the US preparing to bomb Iran.

Iran US tankers attacks Iran and US on brink of war after alleged tanker attacks

Global oil prices have spiked after two tankers were allegedly attacked in the Gulf of Oman.

Without a shred of evidence, US accuses Iran of attacking tankers

Mike Pompeo, in a press conference, accused Iran of engineering the attacks on tankers in the Gulf of Oman. However, he cited unnamed intelligence reports and other vague references in support of his claim

Iran to not comply with sections of 2015 nuclear deal

Faced with ruthless US sanctions, Iran has decided to resume storage of enriched uranium and heavy water. US sanctions ban the export of these materials, which was originally allowed under the JCPOA

Will the world follow US deadline to abide by Iran sanctions

NewsClick Editor-in-chief Prabir Purkayastha talks about the effects of the Iran sanctions on the global economy and forecasts how the countries like China and India will react to the Trump administration’s refusal to extend waivers on oil purchases.

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