16 weeks of Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza

The death toll in Gaza is approaching 27,000, while the number of those injured has also increased to at least 65,636, as Israeli aerial bombardment and ground assaults continue across the entire Palestinian territory

The rich get richer while global poverty deepens in “decade of division”

Wealth accumulation by the rich has risen to the point that the world could see its first trillionaire within a decade. Meanwhile, it will take more than 200 years to end global poverty, a report by Oxfam International has found.

Activists expect multiple obstacles during health discussions at COP28

While health is on the agenda at the COP28 summit in the UAE, activists fear significant progress on climate and health will not be achieved due to a number of factors such as the presence of lobbyists from the fossil fuel sector

Carbon emissions from richest 1% pose fatal threat to humanity

The richest 1% of the world’s population has emitted the same amount of carbon as the poorest two-thirds. The emissions by the ultra-wealthy in 2019 alone were enough to kill 1.3 million people

IMF pushes world’s poorest countries into “starvation diet” as debt burdens spiral

As the IMF and World Bank commence their annual meetings, an Oxfam report shows how their failed policies of austerity will force the world’s poorest countries to cut USD 229 billion in public spending while hemorrhaging billions in debt payments.

Oxfam report windfall corporate profits Big companies earned over USD 1 trillion of profit in 2022, says joint Oxfam and Action Aid study

The study recommends that governments impose a windfall tax on these excessive profits and use the money raised to carry out social security programs to tackle a range of issues including the cost of living crisis, poverty, hunger, and climate change

Healthcare Global South Oxfam report Private health companies prosper while healthcare access stagnates

A new report by Oxfam shows how investments made by development finance institutions from the Global North benefit private health companies rather than people in need of health care

Oxfam’s report exposes the staggering growth in extreme wealth and poverty

Oxfam has called for the systemic and wide-ranging taxation of the super rich. This includes the introduction of a one-off solidarity tax as well as windfall taxes

World’s richest 1% captured over 63% of all wealth created since 2020: Oxfam

An Oxfam report notes that the richest 1% of the world’s population captured over USD 26 trillion (nearly 63%) of the USD 42 trillion created since 2020, nearly twice the USD 16 trillion (37%) that went to the rest of the population

UK arms sale to Saudi coalition in Yemen At least 87 Yemenis killed and 136 injured in 14 months with arms supplied by UK and US: report

According to the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), the UK alone has sold weapons worth nearly USD 28 billion to Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the war in Yemen in 2015

Daily Round-up | Talks resume between Venezuelan government and opposition & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of talks between the Venezuelan government and the opposition, a report by Oxfam on the declining number of working women due to the pandemic, and threats to tuition-free medical courses in Greece

‘Loss and Damage’ is officially on the agenda as COP27 kicks off in Egypt

After a years-long push by the global South, the UN climate conference will discuss funding for loss and damage related to the climate crisis. Over a 100 heads of state are set to address the summit being held in the wake of severe climate disasters from Pakistan to Somalia