Nagorno Karabakh refugees Thousands flee Nagorno Karabakh after Azerbaijan takes control of the breakaway region  

The issue has become a major geopolitical event as Armenia blames Russia for failing to check the Azeri aggression last week. Meanwhile, the US is trying to intervene in the country which is a part of CSTO

Intervencionismo norteamericano en el sistema de justicia peruano y el Golpe de Estado contra Pedro Castillo

Las sospechas surgieron después de que el Embajador de EE.UU. en Perú publicara una foto con el Fiscal General de Perú. El activista y jurista peruano José Carlos Llerena Robles sostiene que el intervencionismo estadounidense en el sistema judicial peruano tiene raíces mucho más profundas

US interventionism in the Peruvian justice system and the coup d’état against Pedro Castillo

Suspicions were raised after the US Ambassador to Peru posted a photo with Peru’s Attorney General. Peruvian activist and jurist José Carlos Llerena Robles argues that US interventionism in the Peruvian justice system has much deeper roots

Structural adjustment by any other name: International Financial Institutions and health in Ghana and Kenya

A look at the IMF’s programs in Ghana and Kenya reveals the continuity of more privatization, more cuts, and more threats to people’s right to health

The US has an unhealthy obsession with Cuba

Through USAID, the US government has funneled millions of dollars into Cuban opposition groups as part of their desperate attempts to overthrow the revolution

Tunisia political crisis Four political parties announce bloc to resist president Saied’s power grab in Tunisia

20 Tunisian and international human rights groups also denounced the president’s actions in a joint statement, calling them unilateral, authoritarian and in violation of the Tunisian constitution

North Ethiopia civil war Humanitarian situation in northern Ethiopia set to worsen dramatically, warns OCHA 

While the head of USAID’s Ethiopia mission has accused the Tigray People’s Liberation Front of looting aid warehouses, the US government continues to blame the Ethiopian federal government for blocking supply

The United States tries to take advantage of the price Cubans are paying for the blockade and the pandemic

Cuban government officials and activists have reiterated their demand for an end to the blockade imposed by the US which over six decades has cost Cuba $147.8 billion in damages

Palestinians welcome resumption of US aid to UNRWA

In 2018, the Donald Trump-led US administration had stopped humanitarian aid to the UN agency which caters to the need of 5.7 million Palestinian refugees in the occupied territories and beyond

The US Is Trying to Provoke a Soft Coup in Cuba

The San Isidro events provide another example of the US government’s attempt to create a soft coup.

The US is doing its best to lock out China from Latin America and the Caribbean

Vijay Prashad writes on how the US has meddled in trade relations between China and El Salvador, while promoting its own private investment initiatives

Bolivian coup regime issues arrest warrant for Evo Morales

The attorney general of the coup regime issued a warrant for Morales accusing him of sedition, terrorism and financing of terrorism. This is seen as a bid to contain his influence during the presidential elections scheduled for March 2020