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WEF and the crumbling blocks of capitalism

Capitalists of the world are descending to Davos, Switzerland, as a spectre is haunting them — the spectre of people’s resistance. The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) summit is a gathering of the world’s richest and most powerful elites at a Swiss alpine resort, with the aim to further the tentacles of global capital and protect the interests of the rich. As people across the world rise against neo-liberal plunder, exploitation and the climate crisis, this year’s WEF is attempting to douse the fire of resistance with the agenda of ‘Cohesive and Sustainable World.’

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Brazil’s MST demands agrarian reform and dignified life for all

In the southern Brazilian state of Paraná, residents of the MST (Landless Workers’ Movement) camps have been on a vigil for nearly a month, opposing the eviction authorized by State governor Ratinho Junior. This will threaten the lives and livelihoods of over 200 families. These families have been living and cultivating on this land for the past 20 years.

The organizers of the vigil have stated that the action will only end when the evictions are suspended and the state continues the process of expropriating the land and designating it for agrarian reform.